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Atlanta Braves spring training Lake Buena Vista Fla – March 2014
atlanta-ufoAfter arriving home and viewing pics from visit, I noticed something in the middle of the picture. It’s located between two clouds. Looks to be a circular metallic object.
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Cochin, Kerala, India – 27-02-2015
india-ufoAt around 10 pm a glowing ball of fire was witnessed by many in cochin and other locations in the state. News channels are reporting it as a meteor falling but nobody’s confirming on the same.
I am forwarding one of the photographs of the glowing object. Please do introspect if it’s not a meteor as because it vanished in seconds once seen in the sky…
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Yakima, Washington – 2-26-2015 3:40am
At 3:30am I went out to walk my dogs, something I usually do on my days off as I work nights.
At ten minutes in to the walk my dogs started to whine a little and stopped and looked around, then I noticed what I can only describe as a thrumming sound, right at the edge of my hearing. I happen to glance towards my right, I was walking South so that would have been towards the West and while I did not see any visible objects, I saw that a whole section sky were the stars had been visible before were no longer visible.
The thrumming was still barely audible to me, but my dogs could  hear it as they were still whining.
I saw the stars slowly become visible on the Western horizon as stars were eclipsed closer to the location were I was at.
This went on for several more minutes, then it suddenly thrumming sound stopped and all the stars in the sky were suddenly visible again.
I really never saw any visible object, but whatever was blocking the stars was huge, as it was a fairly large section of the sky that was blocked.
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Meridian Id – 2-23-2015
Meteor? Crash Debris? At 10:55 pm mst As I was driving east on The I-84 in Meridian Idaho. I spotted what I at first thought was a shooting star. But as I focused on it. It continued from the South to the North until Hundreds of miles away. A duration of more than a minute. Changing colors and dropping  debris through the whole journey. Changing colors as well from white to yellow back to white. With a very long tail and many multiple streaks. I first thought and still am leaning on a meteor like the one in Russia. But it did also remind me of what the space shuttle did across from California to Texas. So That has my curiosity up on to WHAT WAS IT? Unidentified by me anyways.
By the time my friend got her camera out. It was too late to catch a pic.
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USTREAM live view ISS – 21/02/15
ISS UFOI was watching USTREAM live feed of ISS
When this image came into view then lit up as you can see from image. Object didn’t stay in shot for long but I did manage a screenshot. What do you think? Please share on your site, I’m very excited over my find.
– – – – –
Jackhead, Canada – Feb 19, 2015
(Video Description) As you might be aware about the latest UFO crash on Feb 19, 2015 in Jackhead, Canada.
Canadian military is trying hard to cover it up but, they’re forgetting one thing this is year 2015, so unlike 1947 roswell crash this event have solid proof. Thanks to the same advance technology, we humans stolen from aliens, is helping uncovering the mystery and government cover ups.
This video was sent to us on Feb 25, by a middle aged women, who we can’t name as you guys might be aware, how serious this event is. As you can see in the video a Space ship breaking apart, which then crashed into snow covered area which is now restricted by Canadian military, but this video is proof there is some sort of small rescue craft detached from crashing ship, which then pauses for few milliseconds maybe to see where main space ship might crash, which then quickly flown away into opposite direction.
Video Link :
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Newton-le-Willows,Merseyside. – sun.1.feb.2015.
This is a Celestial Starship,hovering 1.25mls.,to E,under 1,000ft.alt.,just beyond the M6 Motorway,and A49.See vid.on,youtube,my channel,Robert Newton,MVI_5845.
,or if censored,scroll to url.Or try,Robert Newton@astralaeos,on Twitter,or,Google,Robert Newton ufo.I now have 245 vid’s.,some multiple,and have lot’s more film.19MLS.,E,of Liverpool.
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Qorvehm, Kordestan – 17/12/2014
Very strange round like a big metal ball Silver
– – – – –
Madrid, Spain – 27 october 2014
madrid-ufosMadrid, Spain, objects over north suburbs, 27 October 2014, about 5.25pm. I have no idea what they were. Best guess, they were 6kms above me. Perhaps 8kms altitude. All I saw to the naked eye was the tiniest pin-pricks of light, performing the most astounding acrobatics. I was hoping my $150 camera would have enough coruscation-suppression in its chip, so that if I did get them in focus, I could see what was containing the lights. When I did the crop pull-in, two minutes later, I was just amazed to see the objects. They were in view for some 75 seconds. I knew that if I set the camera to video mode, there’d be zero chance of my hand being steady enough, and the zoom motor quick enough, to distinguish between the roof-tops and the entities 6kms away. I’d have ended up with ‘filmed on a toaster, as usual’, howls of derision, with zero in focus except a lovely azure sky. So, I put the camera on a smart button, set it to 26x max zoom at 16.2mp, held my breath, and hoped for the best. Two experienced news photographers, Jerry Kennelly (Stockbyte/Tweak{.com}), and Crispin Rodwell (Sunday Times, Reuters) whom I met with personally, and looked at the original photo from the kingston-chip/micro SD cards, in the camera, and on-camera view-screen, pronounced themselves mystified. Nothing in these photos is photoshopped or edited.  I know next to zero about photo editing (except for the crop function on my idiot-proof no-manual-focus camera), but am vaguely aware that there are ways to ‘clarify’ or clean up distant objects in digital images. I have done none such functions, on the images. If you look at the original wide-shot of 8 objects, which I will send as an attachment, you will notice that three of the objects, are flipped on their backs (from my view point, on the ground), presenting their dorsal sides to the sun. There is no sun glint off the topside of those craft…but you can see copious, effulgent splay-of-light coming from what I think is the ventral side of the crafts, emitting from both left underside, and right underside…which are AWAY from the sun. This, to me, is proof that there is powerful, rocket-like light-power internally, within each craft. So powerful, that a bleached blue sky is eclipsed and out-illuminated by them. If Madrid Air Traffic Control didn’t register them flying over the northern suburbs of Madrid, then there must be an Achilles heel in their system. That very day, there was news of Russian military aircraft making incursions into other nations’ airspaces. I don’t know if the objects I photographed were Spanish military drones, or what. I am also aware, vaguely, of a news-story from about 18 – 20 October (one week before I took my photos), regarding ‘drones’ seen hovering over a Nuclear Energy plant, in France. Aerodynamically, they were able to do things I’d only seen before in a Spielberg movie.
Attached, here is the main shot of 13 of the craft.
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Brentwood, Tn – September 28 1976
Hi, I was wondering if anyone else had reported that on September  28 1976 saw a dark ufo cylinder cross the midnight sky? . I know the exact date because we were coming back from the 3rd. “Mohamed Ali – Ken Norton Fight” that was shown at the Municipal Auditorium that night in Nashville, TN.
We were about two miles outside of Brentwood, TN going south on Hwy 41 toward Franklin, TN when we saw this GIANT cigar shaped object the size of a football field slowly make its way across a clear, purple sky. We pulled over and watched it for several minutes when suddenly two fighter jets zoomed toward it causing at least three stories of colored lights to light up! Then it vanished!
If I remember right it had been reported the next day in the newspaper, The Nashville Tennessean.
I reported it in a letter to J. Allen Hynek, with CUFOS. But I have not been able to find anything about my sighting listed anywhere, though someone did say they saw my letter in one of Hynek’s book of which I have yet to locate.
I have been searching the Internet for years trying to find anyone else that might have seen the object we saw on this date and this listing on your site is the closest I have found.
Your opinion?
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  1. About the Madrid report… I have lived there for the last 5 years. I saw the same objects various times from my terrace. I took pictures in several occasions – with a DSLR and a middlerange zoom. Usually they appeared in small numers – 3 or 4 and they had an irregular flight path, sometimes freezing for a while – as the clouds passed by… so, they are not balloons. Eerie indeed. I could not appreciate the altitude, but in one of the photos I have the little shinny pinpoits seems to fly below the clouds.

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