UFO Researcher of the Year 2015

UFO researcher

Each year at the International UFO Congress Open Minds presents UFO researcher awards. This year the researcher of the year winner was a UFO witness, John Burroughs. Watch the video to find out about Burroughs important research, and to see his acceptance speech.

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  1. why is larry warren consistently left out from mention regarding this? others involved with john are mentioned but not larry. there seems a deliberate and purposeful omission of this fact that leaves a bad aftertaste .

  2. I agree with doug’s comment I am sick to death of the fact that Larry Warren is left out of this, read the book Turn Left at Eastgate it is all there, it sickens me that the whole truth regarding those who were involved in this is not covered is perpetuated! Larry Warren was involved “Fact”!

  3. larry im from uk and you are my American icon, im such a believer in the UFO syndrone and aliensive written 2 fiction books ski fi material but havent published, for ,,,well i dont know really maybe one day, but people who rubbish any existence of UFO.S and USO>S aiien existences are either ignorent ,or scared, donr want to except anything they cant see themselves, is there a book on Dulce mexico written ,would read it, but to be honest that is something that terrifies the hellout of me ,but cant help reading about it could larry email me if possible im not a celebrity but i am English where he has visited,,,, smile i am about to beg an email in person ,,take care caroline

  4. `im scottish & i believe through reading up on the rendlshem forest incident there were lot of different experiences from two different bases from different high ranking military officials to the common soldier on these bases even the two men in bentwaters radar station witnessed a massive craft glide slowly by there tower larry warrens experience was amazing but so were many of the other serving security personell colonel halts memo his experiences they were all witnesses to various sightings outcomes all differ its our british roswell .

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