UFO over Garson, Canada 9-Aug-2014

Canada UFOs

Here’s one interesting UFO sighting filmed over Garson in Ontario Canada. This happened on 9th August 2014.

Witness report: In augast of 2014 at around 1 A.M. I had the urge to look outside, where I saw 2 red flashing lights above the backyard. I grabbed my girlfriends Ipad2, and began to film it. When I started to filmed it as it hovered above the yard, it looked like a star or full moon. As I filmed it, the object changed colors and looked then appeared to shut off and then disappear(see attached media). I said to myself I hope it comes back so I can get a better shot of it. I shut off the camera and about 30 seconds later, it reappeared about 50 feet to the right of where it shut off. I then turned the camera back on and this UFO started to stalk me, it’s almost scary to be honest (must see attached videos). I did swear at it once, as I was nervous as it watched me and then hovered over my head ascending and descending 20 and 30 feet above me. The object remained quiet until I flashed the back house light at it numerous times. it than started to hum and became louder like a sewing machine, than helicopter and finally a jet as it slowly left my view. The strange part is I filmed the first clip with it having no sound, and some of the second with no sound. As I said the sound started after I flashed my light at it. If you watch closely, you can really see the craft make very unusual flight patterns above the neighbor’s house and myself. Also after I flashed the light at the UFO, it started to blink the red lights again, as it did when I first saw it above the back yard. I felt as though it was trying to communicate back to me. Please excuse my comments as I was very excited, to say the least almost prepared for a face to face encounter. This is not my first sighting. of a strange craft and there have been more to follow, I will submit the other sighting/video I captured at another time. The craft looked like a big black ball or sphere about 10 feet or so feet around give or take a few feet. I will attach a photo of the video that I cropped out and zoomed as well, which kind of shows it’s true shape.

Author (source: mufon)

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  1. I got to start filming helicopters and planes, I’ll have no problem getting my videos on here. Watch for them soon, lol

    • Okay if it’s a helicopter, please tell me why there the craft makes no sound at the beginning of the video. Also go to CodsterL on youtube and you can see numerous other sightings I had, it’s real and MUFON has confirmed that they too believe it isn’t a helicopter. I have other videos of this encounter and there was no sound until it went returned. I saw it with my own eyes, also watch at the end of the vid at 1:40 seconds and on. Plus at 15 seconds it moves like no helicopter I’ve ever seen.

  2. sir. really? do you get out much and see things that are flying around in our skies? it’s a plain old helicopter. sounds like one, looks like one, acts like one. helicopters hover. they can have spotlights. they make loud chopping sounds like this UNLIKE any ufo you will ever see.

  3. Here is further proof, I will upload the second video of the craft in my backyard, where I first saw it. You will hear no sound, this is real! Go on the MUFON website and search case number 64143 under Track UFO’s and you can clearly hear and see it over my back yard with no sound. Also it just disappears, and then it reappeared when I started filming the video you see on here.

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