A Documentary Film Features The Role Of Shadow Government In Preventing The Truth About UFO To Come Out

Kennedy UFO

When the moon’s shadow blocks the sun in a total solar eclipse, a documentary about how a secret force blocked the U.S. government to reveal the truth about UFOs has officially launched. A Kickstarter campaign documentary talks about how the dark shadow of a sinister force operating secretly behind the U.S. government to hide the truth about UFOs.

The “Kennedy’s Last Stand” is a documentary that promises to reveal new evidence about the knowledge of President Kennedy on the classified UFO files during the World War II. Explored in the film is the reason his several attempts to gain access to UFO related projects and files during his presidency failed. The film also highlights how his effort to gain access to the documents and data became a critical factor in his assassination.

Dr. Michael Salla, the film’s producer, claims that the documentary will be the first one about JFK assassination to feature the close friendship between John Kennedy and the first Secretary of Defense James Forrestal.

Dr. Salla says the film shows how Forrestal introduced the UFO issue to Kennedy during a trip to Germany in July 1945. In the same trip, JFK reportedly witnessed advanced NAZI technologies that were brought to the U.S. under Operation Paperclip. Forrestal helped with the operation as then Secretary of the Navy.

Dr. Salla states that the documentary makes the first ever revelation about the Kennedy’s initiative to cooperate with the Soviet Union’s Nikita Khrushchev on joint lunar and space missions in September 1963 and how such effort included a secret attempt to access classified UFO files previously kept secret to his administration.

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  1. So true but at the same time scarry as can be. To think the president and congress & senate are not in control. To think this may be the year we find out… 2015 …makes me wonder if its good or bad.

  2. living in the midwest this is now somthing that happens often there are more sightings than being reported. all of my sightings take place between 3 and4 inthe morning. usually in the north west skies. Somthing is going on here

  3. Of course we can handle the truth. Why is the Navy (ultimately the ones in control of the secret ufo agency at S4, etc.) still so paranoid in 2015 that they continue their covert program? The secrecy is ridiculous, because all intelligent people who are acquainted with the subject can conclude only one thing from the evidence: ET IS HERE.

    Now I have seen a real ET vehicle, so I KNOW they are here (but prior to having personal eyewitness data, I leaned in the direction that the data provides – ET’s are real). I understand the paranoia of the 40’s and 50’s, the Cold War, etc., and how secrecy was so important then, but now, it is time for our species to mature. The ET Reality MUST be taken out of EG&G’s, Lockheed’s, Boeing’s, etc.’s hands. Everyone should be able to know the truth. The only reason I can think of to continue the charade is that the covert practices had been so Draconian, they had to eliminate too many people, and they are AFRAID of repercussions now.

    Well Screw That! Give these idiots a pardon, whatever, but let out the real data. It’s time the rest of the world knows! Hell, it’s been 75 years, more or less. Yes, the gov’t let the Zeta Reticulan’s abduct humans for experimentation in exchange for ET technology, so we could learn how it works. Unfortunately, to quote Bob Lazar, that’s like dropping off an iPhone in the Old West and asking them to make a call. We are still a thousand years or more away from being able to reproduce their technology. We need to get going on this NOW!

    Nonetheless, it’s time we all awoke from this disinfo opiate haze. When they start telling us the truth, then perhaps the tide of ugliness and ignorance will turn. We must learn this eventually, so why not, now?

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