First 2015 crop circles! Santa Catarina, Brazil

Brazil crop circles

Here’s one of the first crop circle formations in 2015. This one was found in Santa Catarina in Brazil on 18th March 2015.

This one was submitted to us, here’s the report from our reader:

Hello,my name is Marcello and i live in Brazil.
In 18th march 2015 a big crop circle appear in my city (Içara – Santa Catarina – Brazil) is a big circle in a Corn. Here the people believe that the UFO maked this circle.

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  1. don’t we get to see how it looks from above, the way it should be viewed? and never stand inside a crop circle. you can get very sick either right away or a few days later. would you go and stand near Chernoble nuclear reactor or three mile island?

  2. The aliens would be very upset if people were to think they had anything to do with this circle. It’s not like any circle that ET’s would consider precise or perfected. Completely ruined corn for a very bad imitation of a crop circle. If it were real, you would see aerial views of it, too… You would also see how fake it looks.

    • Silly remark. Are you an expert on alien emotions etc?
      Since nobody knows how crop circles are actually formed who can call this one a hoax. It’s a big mother, and would have taken something really big, or a lot of effort to make it. For what reason? And who would pay for an arial photographer if the news media aren’t interested?

    • True nobody knows how they’re made but they are obvious things to look for if u want to know it is a hoax or not. For example scientists have found the crops perfectly aligned in a supposed genuine circle whereas if someone tried stomping it with boards, the crops would be mangled. That also gives a reason to check the plants for board marks.

      • researchers have also discovered that each “circle” has an actual oval shape. humans could never imitate that.

  3. The KEY to knowing whether or not it is a real crop circle infused by a gyroscopic mechanism beneath a crop programed in by computer, is whether there has been a sighting of a “UFO”! No craft not real. UFO sighting, REAL.

  4. Our experts have learned that the Aliens love popcorn and the ladies of Brazil. Not really but very strange. I don’t understand why credible scientists don’t invest in this phenomenon by setting up cameras for maybe a year to see what happens. They waste time spending millions on creating a treadmill for a shrimp and how ants mate and CRAP like that. Just a thought. Maybe it’s alien children just drawing when they are here.

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