UFO file conspiracy in the UK


The UK House of Lords is being questioned about the stalled release of their remaining UFO files. That and other space and UFO stories on this episode of Spacing Out!

Stories discussed on this episode:
– Stalled UFO file release questioned in the UK House of Lords
– Hundreds see UFO and hear loud noises in UK town
– California residents catch blue UFO on video
– Expect large aliens, says scientist

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  1. As usual, the Establishment/Gov, will release what they want to , and no guarantee that when they do , it will not be censored.

  2. When the powers that be in control of are products that the world uses for propulsion, lights, heating etc.with the continued abuse of the planets ecosystem as the result of the overuse of these products will eventually expire. The capitalization of these products is what historical has kept these powers from the research and development of cleaner cheaper fuels from being developed. You may ask “are there other ways to develope such products” the answer to this question is yes! I know without a doubt that there is such a product, I have physically seen such a propulsion system in use. Now this is where I will loose a good many of you, however if you had seen what I experienced in December 1965 in the tristate area of NY, NJ and Penn. over the Wannaque reservoir at 9pm with 5 of my friends 3 glowing orbs flying in the delta formation at tree top level. Coming from the south end of the reservoir flying at a slow rate of speed and than stopping directly in front of us at approximately 600 feet over the water.In about 3 minutes of watching these orbs to our disbelief and amazement the orbs literally shot away at speeds beyond mach 10. The orb at the top of the delta formation shot straight up into the night sky and the other two shot straight to the north and south at the same time. This is called controlled flight with g forces well of 12 g’s which no human on earth can sustain. There was no sound no exhaust and no disruption to the water. What force was used to motivate these objects? My point is this, the powers that be are well aware of the forces which are used to propell these objects.However they have not figured out how to capitalize on this clean, free, non-pollution power source of which are space brothers have been using for millions of years.This force will be made to use when the question ” are aliens real, do they exist” is finally disclosed to the human race and open relations established with them. Humans WAKE UP the lies and deceit and the greed must STOP.Yes there are alternative energy’s which have existed since before the pyramids were built.
    A vision for the future.
    Arthur Rescigno

  3. Zero point energy of course. You can thank Edison and JP Morgan for the pathetic state of the world today

  4. I have seen something similar in 2004 , my cousin and I were heading home in brunswick western Australia , rural area, it was around 2am we were walking along the side of the highway and there was no traffic at all and was a clear stary night when wat looked like a huge falling star entered the apmosphere it was a ball of white light it travelled for about 5 seconds and then stopped instantly in the sky above us about a kilometre away, it was very bright, it stayed in the same spot for about 30 seconds then all of a sudden shot upward and out of the apmosphere faster than anything ive ever seen, theres no way it was from this planet, that we know about anyway.that experience was a life changing moment. I now know for sure there is more out there and more going on than we know about.

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