Bob Lazar at the 2015 International UFO Congress

Bob Lazar

Interview with the scientist Bob Lazar at the International UFO Congress. After 25 years of silence he confirmed that he was working with an alien spacecraft and a gravitational anti-reactor that extraterrestrials are using to travel in the universe.

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  1. After looking at the videos Lazar took out at Area 51 where you can definitely tell it’s him and John Lear in the video, there’s one that makes sudden shift/turns in one video similar to the one I saw also there were more people than just Lazar that’s stepped forward saying that they’ve been to the facility and as I’ve posted before, S-4 is mentioned several times in the said to be fake Majestic 12 SOM Manual. So the way I figure, either everybody’s lying including the aging CIAs deathbed confession that was interviewed by Richard Dolan. Either or it’s all false or it’s true. I’m inclined to believe the latter, because there’s been too many people stepping forward saying they’ve been there.

  2. I studied physics in my undergrad college years, so I’m a dilettante, but an engineering-educated one. Plus, I teach math & computer science. I know guys like Bob, and when I listen to him, I feel in my gut he is telling the truth about working with the disks at S4. My dad worked at NASA During apollo, and I’ve been trying to network his retired buddies who worked in the aerospace industry (some at Area 51), but due to compartmentalization, they just don’t know. I think it’s possible Bob’s background was destroyed when he “whistleblew”, because they probably couldn’t assassinate him as he was too high profile. It’s also possible he “embellished” his academic credentials, but i don’t care if he did- that might have come from a young man’s insecurity and needing to be taken seriously. Nonetheless, I’d bet my balls that he’s telling the truth about S4, and Derek Hennesy/ Connor Ryan’s interview with Wendelle Stevens corroborates much of what Bob said (unfortunately, they DID eliminate Derek).

    Debunker Skunks say “you can’t expect the gov’t to keep a secret that long..” Bullshit! I had secret clearance in 1986, and I STILL won’t divulge those details. When intimidation is so intense that your life, your family’s life, etc., is threatened with elimination (Assassination), folks tend to keep their mouths shut – which is how Roswell held for 50 years. Thanks to Stan Friedman’s excellent investigation (“Crash at Corona” is a Must-Read), we now know from over 100 serious witnesses that Roswell was a downed disk that was retrieved, then covered up. Perhaps the Maj – 12 documents are fake, but if they are, they were based on the real McCoy, and whomever created them are probably part of the Gov’t’s disclosure plan, because they have to know that 70 years is long enough, and the public pays for all their toys anyway, so they HAVE to come clean. If they wait much longer, they will be in a real pickle – I would say TREASONOUS pickle, so lets hope these guys get some balls and stop bullshitting around with this weather balloon/ Mogul lies.

    So yes, Bob Lazar IS telling the truth, which is extremely exciting, because just think what our future holds!!!

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