Latest crop circles from UK, Italy & Spain


Here are the latest crop circle reports from Europe:

  • June 22, 23; Horsham, West Sussex – Redlynch, Somerset – Yatesbury, Wiltshire

  • June 23; Aeroport Torino , Turin, Italy / June 25; Estella, Navarra, Spain

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    • Usually I am a living human who has sent many of my own drawings in sense of a reply to the cc-makers = crop circle makers = extraterrestrial beings, either by telepathic message or drawn a real image which always was been published on
      And what a surprise: Almost every time I have got a real answer – a special crop circle which was meant as a personal reply. Sometimes the reply appeared even the same day when my own drawing was been published. So these answers are real and visible for everyone – they are real proves to show that a special method of conversation with ET-beings is always possible……..

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