Bob Lazar Confirmed to have worked at Los Alamos, Physicist Says

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Incredible claims have been made for years about Bob Lazar. He allegedly is a physicist with an MS in Electronics from the California Institute of Technology and MS in Physics from MIT. Most of all, he was a “Scientist” for Los Alamos National Laboratory obtaining a job back-engineering at S-4 near Area 51 in Nevada. Supposedly he determined how saucers work through Element 115. From the 500 pounds available, he was able to steal a small quantity of 115. Unfortunately, it was taken back. In early 2004, there was an announcement about the production of four atoms of element 115 through a massive European accelerator for weeks. Videotapes are available for his claims.

bob lazarIn a recent interview made by a documentary filmmaker, shocking revelations were shared. Despite the denials made by several professionals working in the company claimed by Lazar, one physicist confirmed that he worked at Los Alamos National Laboratories and met Lazar there. He claimed that Lazar was a physicist at that time. According to the physicist, they both recognized each other. It started on the different colored pens, in which Lazar fitted that molds. No one said that Lazar is a physicist, but he immediately recognised him as one by looking at his get up.

He did not only look the part, but also says he attended several security meetings with Lazar. He further explained that security meetings will give you briefing asking you not to talk about what you do or see. He is also requested to answer some details about the particular works of Lazar, he responds with negation. When asked why he shared this information even if he knew he could get in trouble. Later on, it confirmed that Krangle was one of those renegades that no longer makes a living out of his Los Alamos contracts. Therefore, he isn’t worried about it.

Here’s the full documentary from, but you’ll have to pay to view it:

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  1. Bob Lazar told me he was taken to view alien craft while in the area of area . later he told me they were plywood. he did not state he worked on their propulsion system or that he was given plans, was only upset that they treated him as a prisoner. he was emphatic that the ships were made of plywood. I met him just outside of pendalton while I was on business there. he was more nervous than usual and seemed upset. I chaulked it up to the usmc competing over weapons. but hey, they all get the same thing

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