Mothership over Pampanga

Pampanga UFOs

Do you remember that crazy UFO activity in the sky above Pampanga, a province of the Philippines?

Here’s a new TV report from The Third Millennium.

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  1. Why do people persist in calling multiple separate objects “motherships”? A mothership wouldn’t even be in the atmosphere,surely?

    • i find that strange too. no i don’t think a mothership would be in the atmosphere. it’s not like Close Encounters that’s for sure.

  2. Unidentified LIGHTS! and some of these multi prop copters ‘I don’t know the real name’ but they are now being used and camouflaged to look like disc, some seen in India are very good, they can hover for quite some time, BUT they are noisy… which gives away the con, if they have been seen at high altitude the noise is reduced a lot.

  3. Well, for those who is standing there watching this live its a fantastic feeling, I know, because we saw something once in the 70’s here in Denmark,, but ditch the term “mothership” please, makes no sence since noone knows what the hell it is,,,,

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