Strange Lights Captured Hovering Across Volcano

volcano ufo

A UFO is idiomatic for an Unidentified Flying Object. Most often, they are identified as Alien Spacecraft. But when it comes to full technicality, anything can be a UFO, provided that they are flying, and people cannot recognize it. But there are many kinds of strange objects in this scenario. While there are a lot of man-made objects that appear strange or mysterious, there are those that are naturally mystifying. The most common and familiar is a mysterious object that possesses declared evidence regarding activities related to extraterrestrial lifestyle.

Have you ever heard of Volcano de Colima from Mexico? This volcano is one of the most popular volcanoes in the world. According to the reports, this volcano is active as it has erupted more than forty times since 1576. As an active volcano, it picks up eruptions and smoke plumes. Aside from these occurrences, strange lights have also been spotted. The lights appear mysterious that drawn the attention of the viewers. According to the webcam operator, he doesn’t know what the light was, but speculation is not hard to begin. One website has gone too far from speculating that the ancient Aztecs were descendants of aliens living on the volcano. The question is, are these lights coming from the extraterrestrial vessels?

From present world’s thought, the existence of the alien creature has not been approved yet, but the idea has forced to learn more about it. A lot of people have claimed that they’ve seen strange objects that are unidentified, and this has made the curiosity of the scientists to think deeper about it. Scientists are curious about something that strikes their attention. Thus, the strange topic has given them a reason to think more rooted to unlock its mystery.

Nowadays, related stories about strange objects have become tragic as it is something that is unfamiliar to people. Whether a natural or man-made phenomenon, judge it for yourself. Whatever it is, this kind of story is not the first one in history.

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  2. Stoopid comments from those who know something? sarc.
    I feel sorry for those who have children unplanned like these.
    Then I feel sorry for the aliens when they abduct them and use them for soup.

  3. Sure, some people are competely brainwashed due to remote influence. Those influenced people do react as same as always:
    – They always deny the truth, but
    – they always embrace the lies as ‘truth’.
    – a brainwashed human is always unable to distinguish one from another.

    It’s a sad fact, as to be read here.

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