UFO Sightings in Manitoba Over Two Centuries

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Despite the well-liked belief, the term UFO signifies an Unidentified Flying Object, not a flying saucer or a spaceship. It applies to any object spotted in the sky that is not readily recognized by the observer. It can even apply to unusual weather conditions phenomena and the military plane not commonly seen by the public. However, when the phrase UFO is being used, the talk turns to aliens and spacecraft. But is the Manitoba strange sighting an exception to this case?

One researcher from Winnipeg has gathered data throughout the years and was able to determine strange flying objects. According to the investigator, he spotted more than 2,000 sightings hovering in the sky over Manitoba in the last two hundred years. Since 1980, Chris Rutkowski has been researching reports across Canada and handles preparing the yearly Canadian extraterrestrial Survey for the 25 years. While many reports are explainable as planes, satellites, and stars, it does not mean that Manitoba is being invaded, but it says that such place share in the global phenomenon. The sightings range from bizarre lights hovering through the skies and abduction reports. According to him, approximately 17.5% of the spotted objects are classified as “unexplained”. To be specific, 2,023 is the total number of reports, and the 767 figure comes from Winnipeg.

Rutkowski said he hoped his Manitoba-specific details will urge researchers to do the same in other vicinities in Canada. Whatever the case, it is apparent that every year more and more sightings are being reported and not just by regular Joes like you and me. They are being reported by pilots, a policeman, and government workers.

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  1. I really do not see any relevance of honest reporting due to being a police officer, a government worker or a pilot. Some of those people are the biggest drunks and yet OFTEN a person reports some thing odd and is smeared with campaigns to discredit any thing he/she has ever done and their whole life is scrutinized by psychos bent on destroying an honest credibility. That was very much so in the past and since Earl’s restaurant came into business and poorly dressed are treated as equal, that reality has shown others that you don’t need to look perfect to give quality, accounts of a sighting/encounter. It also helps if having it on film for sure.
    BTW Chris, you did not write back to me.

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