Daytime UFO over Jakarta, Indonesia 17-Jul-2015

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Here’s one interesting daytime video of an unidentified flying object hovering in the sky above North Jakarta in Indonesia. This was taken on 17th July 2015.

Witness report: Orb-like metallic object observed in clear sky over North Jakarta, Indonesia and changed direction without accelerating/decelerating
Date was Friday 17th of July 2015. Time was approximately 5.42pm local time. Was playing with wife and toddler son in a basketball field near our house in North Jakarta, Indonesia. First noticed the object when pointing out the hunting bats and swallows to my son. It was on my south and moving towards the north west direction. First impression of the object was that it was somewhat spherical and moving at a constant speed and constant altitude. Altitude was from the best of my judgement around the 300-500m high, and moving slowly and constantly throughout the event at about 50m/minute.
As it drew nearer to my location, the shape looked more like a slightly vertically squashed sphere, akin to a red blood cell. It had a metallic sheen because it clearly reflected the orange glow of the setting sun. Upon longer inspection, the shape seemed to constantly slightly distorting and bobbling because the reflected sunlight was not consistent, although the object largely hold its original shape. Judging from the distance and altitude, my best guess is the object is at least 5m in diameter.
After about a minute after noticing the object, I used my iPhone 5s to video the object as best as I can (attached to report), although limited phone memory cut short the duration of the video. After finished recording, the object started to slowly make a very wide arc to the left, without changing speed or altitude, and changed direction southwesterly, which means moving away from my location. I then started to walk/jog and chased the object for about 1-2 minutes over 150 meters, then ceased because I didnt want to leave my wife and son behind in the basketball field. The object then slowly moved away and disappeared over the treeline after a couple more minutes.
What drew me to the object in the first place was that I never saw anything like it before. During the sighting and afterwards, considering the things I saw my impression largely is that the object is probably man-made, maybe a stray weather balloon that drifted with the wind. The few things bugging me is the shape of the object which is like a red blood cell, the definite metallic sheen of the surface, and the changing of the direction of the object, albeit slowly. Video is also not very supportive because of the maximum zoom, large distance to the object and me constantly moving around.
Would really like to have somebody from MUFON to contact via phone or email to exchange ideas on this.

Author (source: MUFON)

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