Alleged UFO Abduction Celebrated With a Monument in Massachusetts


Earlier this year, the Museum and Great Barrington Historical Society initiated an alleged UFO alien abduction and sighting. An association of witnesses who encountered strange incidents erected a monument this week to commemorate such incident. The monument was funded and set up by a coalition of witnesses present on that momentous night in 1969. Thomas Reed is one of the principal witnesses of the event. According to him, he and his family experienced an odd encounter at the site of the monument in 1969.

The Boston Globe reported in an article concerning the incident being inducted; Reed says the sighting was a string of odd encounters he and his family experienced in 1966. The first meeting took place when Reed was six years old on their horse farm. He and his younger brother saw odd lights from the forest. He also witnessed strange figures in the hallway. They saw a huge disc-shaped craft being taken aboard. Over the next few years, they experienced similar incidents. In one occurrence, Reed recalls odd lights in the sky while driving with his younger brother, mother, and grandmother. Afterwards, they found themselves in a massive room where they met two huge ant-like creatures.

The location of the monument is near to the location where the incident occurred. According to him, the statue means a lot to Reed and his family. Following their formal induction letter, the 6-foot commemorative monument marked their first official Alien induction case in the United States. In fact, it is a triumph. The people who experienced the sighting have made a mainstream contribution.

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  1. It is bogus because Betty & Barney Hill’s abduction was long before this one, yet the guy in the video claims it was the first documented! Really stupid of him.

    • It is the first UFO case inducted in the United States, with a full Citation by the Governor, it’s wonderful. The 1969 case of Sheffield has officially and ceremoniously been written into US History, as an authentic incident. About time!! OH and it has nothing to do with whose case was the earliest; (was it a race?) all cases have something to offer. However it was the Reed case of 1969 that was the first to be factually upheld by historians. Because of this case, UFO’s are now a factual part of our history. That by itself is a milestone, and that helps us all. Sorry Jake but your remark was boarding on Oblivious. Dr. Holly A. shaffer

  2. a worthy monument…unfortunately not all abductions have a reasonable happy ending, many lives are destroyed by these experiences, and what started off as a fairly good report, as usual ended up being turned into a joke by the reporting news team by the stupid star trek transport ending.

  3. I have followed ufology since a child. I find it odd I have never heard of this incident☹️ Why have I never heard of this incident ever before????

  4. This is why you should never step on an ant while walking down the side walk.

    If you do, their Ant leader, may abduct you into their star ship.

    This isn’t the first report of intelligent
    “Insect” creatures visiting Earth.

    ps your right to say: this particular report is not well established in the community. This is the first I’ve herd of it as well.


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