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Although technically a UFO refers to any unidentified flying objects, most people connect the term as synonymous with alien space vehicle. An unidentified flying object is a kind of anomaly inside sky that is not acknowledgeable to the observer. Although a small proportion stays unexplained, nearly all sightings can be a natural phenomenon or even man-made objects. On the other side, there are governmental and military personnel claiming that the sightings people are experiencing are just technological advancements tested in secrecy.

In a creepy footage recorded by Carole Thorpe, there was a fireball hovering over a lake in the night sky. The balls appear to be orange in the shade at an unusual speed. Are they aliens? Alternatively, a sunlight reflecting a satellite? In every investigation, you need to critically and thoroughly examine the actual evidence. Bear in mind that the more evidence that is being confirmed as unreliable, the greater the doubt as to its validity.

According to Carole Thorpe, the strange object is moving in a purposeful line beginning from the South up to North. Based on the footage, the object was shaking, and the lights were flickering intermittently. The footage was being recorded in the Grayslake Village, Illinois at 9 pm. According to the people surrounding her, there were numerous reports from different witnesses about the mysterious flying object that night. Of course, it could not be a lantern or a meteor as they have entirely different looks.  There was also no sound.

Regardless of what people believe, mysterious sightings are still regular occurrences. In fact,  such sightings being caught on the video have been reported in mainstream media outlets across the globe. Whatever your beliefs are, it is only a matter of time before irrefutable evidence of unidentified flying objects is being proven. Are you ready?

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  1. Why on earth have you included a close up of lights by the shore reflecting in the water?? If you actually watch the video they are not what the video is actually trying to show.. They are filming the single orange-ish orb in the sky..

    Someone is slacking !!

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