Huge UFO flying over Brazil


Here’s one interesting, but probably a fake footage, of a huge unidentified flying object hovering in the sky above Mogi das Cruzes in Brazil. This was taken back in June 2015.

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  1. I do so thank you for actually telling us all what you feel is truth, and fake.Thank you I do so enjoy this site. Yes I do think this might be fake as I, and my husband have seen two. One changing colors flying over the Airport, and National guard.This one was multi colored then as soon as it came close it changed too a solid red.It flew low, and slow over then headed towards the mountains no sound at all. I live very close to the Airport. I told my husband it must have been under the radar. I had turned it into Mufon. They had a man call I explained, but he never came out. We didn’t take a picture as we were to surprised to run, and get it. Now I always carry my cell phone when outside. The other one was close, and a white solid color then got brighter and took off fast towards the North at speeds I couldn’t believe.One was oblong and the other was a bit different no sound but no lights like a plane for either one.

  2. why do you think it’s fake? we couldn’t even see it til it was zoomed in from a great distance and height. could be a real ufo. it is unidentifiable.

  3. Recently a similar UFO has seen here in Rio de Janeiro.!567&authkey=!AF-quACwk9CPD4I&v=3&ithint=photo%2cjpg!566&authkey=!AOHH4INGy3myQfs&v=3&ithint=photo%2cjpg

  4. i agree…looks as real as any I’ve seen before, the way the camera needs to focus in and it looks like little lights or reflection half way down twinkling or something.

  5. My take is Ufo are real just like everything some are just what ever and they do not stay long enough to figure out so we call them ufo and that is what should be done, we will all know some time if we live long enough, the power that b have no right to hide it from us but they do and we have to live with it until we make a change in our thinking, like I have seen a ufo when I tell some one about it is just goes over the top and it is all done if ever one would believe than we have a start in the right direction and until we do it will be just like it is, so we need to make a change and than ever one will know,, let us make the change. b a believer big time

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