Mystery Ball Lands In A Spanish Field

spain ufo

A strange black ball has been discovered in a Spanish field, creating speculation about space station debris. Goat farmers first reported the presence of the ball. Civil Guard investigators immediately rushed to Calasparra, Murcia and quarantined the area.

Meanwhile, independent researchers suggest the object could be a pressurised gas container that has come down to Earth from space.

spain-ballLocals agreed that the odd ball was fallen from up above. The Civil Guard also said it may have come from a satellite or rocket.

A local community manager who also did his research said that the ball possibly has full of gasses inside. He said the object was very strong and durable because it managed to enter the Earth’s atmosphere and possibly survived catastrophic explosions.

The same objects are also believed to have been discovered in Brazil and Australia.

Investigators have said that the object isn’t explosive or dangerously radioactive. They have taken it away for further analysis.

If someone owns the ball, he or she has been invited to claim it from the local government of Murcia.

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