NASA Camera Catches Donut UFO Activity

UFO nasa

Just a few days after viral reports about the U.S. space agency allegedly cut public live camera feed of a strange glowing orb, another sighting comes in. Online UFO hunters spotted a flying donut near the ISS and claimed that nearly every day alien flying craft visits the space station. They say that such shape is typical for UFOs near the ISS.

Online UFO enthusiasts suggest the black centre isn’t a hole, but a dark dome above the top of the disk. The object is believed to be tilted at an angle to the station for a better view.
Streetcap11 posted the video of the sighting to YouTube and said the mysterious circular object left before the others.

A separate video from the same uploader shows two bizarre UFOs caught on the ISS camera, one is a vertical shape much higher up in the orbit, and another is a horizontal just over the atmosphere of Earth. Streetcap11 said the vertical one, which flashed briefly in the raw footage, was moving very fast.

Sceptics would say that these anomalies can be explained as satellites, meteorites, or gases rather than alien craft. However, NASA typically doesn’t comment on such sightings, so these types of videos are likely to stay and continue.

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  1. SKEPTICS …are people who wont follow the facts and DONT OR WONT look at the data so their mind is already made up . the truth is OUR science does not go far enough to explain what these orbs or entities truly are and sometimes science needs to go further out of the mainstream view of things and more to the paranormal side of an investigation .BUT unfortunately i cant see that happening anytime soon .

  2. Just an anomelie …not that clear a picture..
    But it is a good thought…
    Good to continue to watch to see if it happens again..

  3. I have seen this very same object over my girlfriends house, the first time was in July 2008 and then about a year later in June 2009. The second time I was with her 10 year old son who witnessed it too, it flew slowly from left to right over the rooftop. Then stopped for about 10 seconds and changed direction flying away from us, we were on the back lawn at the time looking at the stars in a clear sky at around 10pm. We ran down the side of the house to watch it going off into the distance, where it went out of site. We were amazed and surprised to see it coming back from the same direction it had just gone, it flew back over the house as we ran back the the rear garden from where we had just been. Only to see it change direction again and turn right, as it flew away we noticed 3 very bright orbs in a triangular formation. In the same vicinity as this object had just flown to, at first I thought they were just bright stars. That is until they suddenly started to move in and out towards one another as if dancing, they stopped their erratic movement and started to drift off in unison to our left. The two rear orbs merged into the one which was leading to form what looked like a larger brighter orb, then accelerated away so fast it was as if it had been shot out of a gun. Going from very bright to dim before disappearing altogether, I have never forgotten the experience. I have since seen this same object on YouTube a few times since, one was filmed by a father and son from their home in Norway I believe. Anyway, the one filmed outside of the ISS in the above video is the same one I saw in closeup. So I KNOW this is genuine!!!

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