One of The Most Compelling Alien Abduction Cases In History


The following documentary is about one of the most mysterious and compelling UFO, and potential extraterrestrial/alien abduction cases from the witnesses’ perspective themselves.

Twin brothers Jim and Jack Weiner, together with their two friends Charles Foltz and Charles Rack, went on a trip for canoeing and camping to the Allagash in Maine in August 1976. One night they experienced a UFO encounter.

Years after that alien encounter, the brothers suffered nightmares and underwent regression hypnosis. Regressed separately, they shared similar recollections of what took place on the night of their UFO sighting.

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  1. I was born in England in 1929 on a farm; in a fairly remote part of the southern hills. When I was 4 to 5 year’s old, I was abducted from my bed by two of the, so called; ‘Greys’. When I hear accounts like these men experienced; it is very reassuring to me. I thank them for their courage in coming forward.
    The ‘Greys’ i met, first stood by my bed, in my bedroom.they were about four feet tall with large round heads; bulging out at the back: eyes appearing as ‘sun glass’ lenses, molded into the grey suit worn; best described as fine ‘chain mail’. Appeared to be kind of fabric, The suit fitted their chubby bodies closely, all over. from head to feet, They wore no shoes.Their nose position was, two small holes and their mouth position was a small lateral opening; they had not any semblance of ears. Their two arms were long and thin, down to their knees; with four long fingers on each hand.Their two legs were also thin.
    We were all enveloped in a beam of light coming through the bedroom window; they somehow elevated me from my bed and floated each side of me. All of us travelled up in the beam of light and out through the closed window. Arriving in a large room, they laid me down. All the time I could not physically move; only my vision was active. They made an incision in the side of my kneecap and inserted a string like object; about one inch long: which is there, to this day. They then returned me my to my bed and I revived. They disappeared. Then I was crying hysterically and my mother came. I told her what had happened and said : “please don’t let those horrible little people take me away , again”, and , “look where they cut my knee and put something in there, it’s still bleeding”. There was, in fact, blood on the bed sheet. “Oh!” my mother said, ” you must have cut your knee today, ” and , ” you were just having a ‘bad dream’.” She did not believe me!! Consequently, I never spoke about this incident for about fifty year’s afterwards, until, I heard someone on television, describe their own, very similar experience. I was abducted for a second time, in 1954. Subsequently, I experienced many UFO and ET encounters over the years; which I could recount. I am one of those fortunate people who, have no doubt space aliens exist, visit us and are present with us. I HAVE PUBLISHED MEMOIRS OF MY EARLY LIFE AND THEY ARE AVAILABLE FOR FREE READING ON: Entitled: “So Many Secrets”.

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