Holidaymaker Records UFO Above Manchester’s Airport

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Is an alien spaceship flying across the skies of Manchester?

A holidaymaker took a video as he ascended from the airport of the city. The clip appears to show unusual white lines streak through the sky and then vanish quickly.

David Ball from Chorlton uploaded the footage to YouTube in the hope of getting ideas about the UFO’s identity.

Ball took the footage while he was on his way with his family to Mallorca in September. However, he did not bother to look it for months. When he finally reviewed it, he noticed the strange flying thing next to the plane after they took off.

While Ball doesn’t believe it is alien, he still does think it is a mystery that he is hoping that someone might help him give a light.

Thirty-eight-year-old logistics manager, Ball, has posted several videos showing bizarre phenomenon on his YouTube channel.

Ball said that he always carries his phone and films strange things or something weird. His YouTube channel features what could have been ghostly activities and other things related to paranormal and mysterious happenings.

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  1. The water drops on the window disappear as the plane gathers speed.Using that observation, with the speed of the aircraft in one direction and whatever it was going in the other, that was not water drops. Water drops do not leave a trail especially at the speed those two ‘things’ were travelling at. Water molecules do not bind together when travelling at speed either. The distance from the plane was quite sunstantial so it had nothing to do with the plane itself. I have no idea what the objects were, but to my hopefully, open mind and common sense, they were UFOs. Not saying aliens, could be small rockets…whatever. There are some very strange sightings going on lately, not all real, some CGI, some mistaken identities, but we shouldn’t dismiss them all. Perhaps we should all try to stop the hoaxers and the ‘I want my 15 mins. of fame’ idiots who are doing the truth no favours. Be well and don’t let the ‘farce’ be with you!

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