Clinton Wants To Declassify UFO Files


UFO mystery has been here for quite some time, and several U.S. presidents have talked about it on record. Former Presidents Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter say they had UFO sightings, but UFO disclosure seems far from reality. Interestingly, for the very first time, a UFO disclosure has been used for a presidential campaign.

Hillary Clinton’s Democratic presidential campaign manager revealed in their recent campaign stop in Las Vegas that Hillary will try to get the bottom of questions about UFOs.
John Podesta, an advocate for declassification of UFO files, believes the American people are ready to handle the truth about it.

Podesta helped in declassifying hundreds of millions of documents as a White House Chief of Staff for former President Bill Clinton. However, it appeared that UFO secrets eluded even the president.

Podesta came back to the White House as President Barack Obama’s special advisor. On his last day of the job, he sent out a Tweet saying the failure to find and expose the UFO files was his biggest disappointment.

Now, Podesta appears to have an influence on another potential candidate in the person of Hillary Clinton. Podesta said that he already talked about it with Hillary. He believes that there are still classified files that people want to know.

Podesta has encouraged journalists to ask Mrs. Clinton and his other candidates about UFOs. New Hampshire newspaper was one of those that responded to Podesta’s call. Mrs. Clinton told the press that she was planning to get to the bottom of the UFO controversy. She said that Earth may have been visited and would consider forming a task force to investigate Area 51, a military base that allegedly housed advanced technology from space UFOs.

CNN did not take Mrs. Clinton’s remarks seriously as the news agency characterized them as jokes. However, Podesta makes it clear that both of them are serious to put a lot of efforts in looking at the UFO mystery and declassify as much as they can so that the public has their legitimate questions answered.

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  1. Yeah, that’s a laugh. Having been married to the President, she will already know the truth, as he does,and either will not be President or never be allowed to speak, and she knows this.So why say it?

  2. I think the Pres and all those before him, know exactly what’s going on with UFOs and Aliens. And the truth is so dire and horrifying, that they age rapidly and go gray in office.
    Maybe the majority of the public couldn’t handle the Truth.

  3. It’s about time that the light is shined on the cover-ups/lies that the government, military, airline corps, etc have been kept in the dark. The citizens need all of them to admit, to investigate and to study these ETs. There is so much evidence on this subject. The citizens are sick and tired of looking like fools because of these government agencies and corporations denying and making out like we are crazy. The proof is there and there are tons of cases that are legit. For once in my lifetime, I would love to see the government/military be honest with the us. Yeah those guys… who we elect and support. Maybe this time around…

  4. The thing that keeps me from putting much weight in the notion of massive governmental UFO secrets is that I don’t think these bureaucratic morons are capable of keeping secrets about anything.

  5. REALLY ..Elliot smith they have not done a bad job so far aye .what the secret has been kept for sixty plus years or so .SO i would say they are really good at keeping secrets. and remember they kept area 51 secret for the same amount of years as well until they finally came out of the closet so to speak and admit that it did exist .which most of the people new it was real anyway …SO YES they are good at keeping SECRETS ……

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