UFO Sighting Video – Mysterious Orb Flying Over Jersey


Belleville can now be added to the list of towns in New Jersey that might just get visited by space aliens. Rich T., who lives in the Essex County suburb of approximately 35,000 people, says he’s not the type of person who is on the hunt for UFOs in a regular basis.

Rich, who resides in the township with his wife and children, says he doesn’t always sit on his lawn with binoculars in hand.

However, on one Saturday night, he and his wife saw an orb-like light flying overhead while they put their daughter in her car seat. Rich said the light flew silently from Bloomfield in the northeast direction. A second light joined the first light briefly before they all disappeared, Rich stated.

Rich described the light as something he has not seen before. He said it did not resemble a blimp, helicopter, or a plane. Even after his research about drones, sky lanterns, and other aerial objects, he still could not find one that matched the description of the orb, which, according to Rich, was flying against the wind.

Rich joins among hundreds of skywatchers from New Jersey, who believe they may have witnessed a UFO above the state. Did extra-terrestrial activity happen over Belleville? Watch the video and judge for yourself.

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  1. The aliens are just part of the universal community of planets who have travelled here to Earth to say hello. They are our brothers and sisters. They have been studying us through experiments. True, some creeds of them are not very subtle in their approach to our species(abduction)but they will definately assist us with our energy problems and climate change. Of course what I just sais is only intuitive speculation.

  2. I saw the same type orb in Fayetteville North Carolina today.I was traveling down Village Drive coming from downtown towards Cape fear hospital. It was like nothing ever seen before. There was one or that came out of the clouds, got brighter then vanished. I was hoping that it would reappear and it did. Two of them this time making obvasive moves in the sky. No airplane jet war helicopter I know makes moves like that. One of the orbs got bright and then disappeared. Then the other did the same thing. Please reply if you’ve seen any of this activity in North Carolina.

  3. Me and my girlfriend we saw and documented an object similar to Forte dei Marmi on 04.07.2015 in Italy.

  4. Can we get a little more info here? Date, approximate time, etc? First step in ruling in/out a UFO is to find out what was going on in the area on that specific date/time/area (aircraft in area, nearby military activities, weather & atmospheric conditions, etc).
    Can’t convince the skeptical about UFOs without trying to debunk first.

    • Hereby, to keep you updated our sighting of flying object resulting still unknown took place July 4, 2015 on the shoreline of the beach resort “Bruno” in the resort Forte dei Marmi.
      The description of events is attached and well detailed in the following video we’ve uploaded on Youtube:
      UFO SIGHTING Forte dei Marmi 4 July 2015 youtu.be/vH9BoAacUpA
      VIDEO SLOWED WITH FRAME youtu.be/-Uypanr0Gbs
      A witness we found on August 28 when we went back to 22.00 at the beach “Bruno” on the shoreline to review the fireworks on the feast of Saint Hermes reaching the same location on July 4. The beach “Bruno”, is located on the 18 th seaside resort south of the pier (now the station that evening fireworks).
      On that occasion, after the fireworks, we talked about the UFO in question with the owner-managers of the bar restaurant of the bathhouse remained open until then. In this regard, we have presented a lady in her fifties age also witnessed the 07.04.2015 on the beach of the same sighting, we were talking and we did see the lady the loaded movie by connecting to Youtube.
      Recognized the object but from a distance with the naked eye could not see the details clearly seen with movie camera zoom, it acknowledged however the white light shining on orange and red as a fireball. We did not think to take the name of the lady, but the owner of the bathhouse knows it very well. It also seems, that even in that night of Sant ‘Hermes, the lady has revised the usual sphere proceed at approximately 20.30 this time from the direction of the sea to the Apuan Alps.
      Note: the same American website which published our sighting:
      He informed us of another sighting following video:
      We noticed the same lightning unidentified object to associate with our sighting.
      We take this opportunity to extend warm greetings and we are grateful to keep us informed of further developments.
      Dimitri and Stefania

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