Aliens Abducted A Police Officer in West Yorkshire

Alan Godfrey Abduction

Alan Godfrey was in his patrol car on November 28, 1980, in Todmorden, West Yorkshire to look into reports of a cattle wandering around the area. While on the road, he saw a bright light ahead and thought of it as a bus. But he found out later that it wasn’t as he got closer. It became apparent to him that it was a strange rotating object, hovering over the road.

Suddenly, Godfrey saw a burst of light, and he found himself driving further along the path minus the UFO. When he got back to the police station, he discovered that he had lost approximately 25 minutes of time. He further saw a split in the sole of one of his boots. He also felt itchiness in a red mark on his foot.

Later, Godfrey would have hypnotic regression, where it was discovered that he was taken from the car and brought to the craft. While inside, he reportedly saw robot-like beings and a humanoid wearing a black skull cap. UFO enthusiasts have studied several videotapes of Alan’s hypnosis session. They concluded that his experience has had a negative impact on his life, and indeed, he had nothing to gain if he just made up his story.

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