Daytime UFO caught on tape over Abilene, Kansas 4-Aug-2016


I just received this UFO report:

Location: Abilene, KS
Date: 8/4/16
Submitted by jmjerrell

Witness report: This UFO was filmed in Abilene, KS on 8/4/16. I saw a total of 3 but was only able to film one. The others where too high up for my phone to see.

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  1. on sat night i was watching the iss feed and between the hours of 630 and 830 i saw a flashing circle object in the clouds , a ball object above the earth and a green and red flashing object to the side of the iss

  2. It’s amazing that people who don’t believe in the paranormal think that they can easily explain UFOs as “it’s a plane” type of guess. What makes them experts in a field that they don’t even believe in and how do they expect all the rest of us to believe their guesses? Too many “think they know it alls” out there giving their uneducated guess. You will never convince others that there isn’t something up there other than planes, so save your guesses.

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