UFO Researchers Spot Mysterious Object On A Comet’s Surface


An object that resembles a stealth fighter jet has been noticed on a comet in images snapped by a spaceship.

The European Space Agency (ESA) launched the Rosetta space probe to investigate Comet P67. It announced they had ended the mission of the lander in September.

Now, alien hunters claim the space probe came across alien technology on the ball of rock before the mission ended.

The discovery was made public by prolific UFO hunters who posted pictures from the Rosetta. They said that craft has a tail fin like a plane and sides similar to a stealth fighter jet.

The alien researchers believe that the so-called UFO on the rock is not part of the comet’s surface because of the object’s white color.

They speculated that the ESA used their Rosetta lander to take closer photos of the mysterious object. They think the ESA announcement of ending their mission because the lander no longer responds is a ruse to make the public believe.

They explained that ESA continues their mission but this time for extraterrestrial technology that can be retrieved and used, like the one in the photo.

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  1. could be,why not. very interesting to say the least. of cource i’m one of those ufo nut jobs,glad to admit it. what else is there anyway.

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