Daytime UFO caught on tape over Colfax, Washington 27-Mar-2017


UFO video of a solid object that was hovering in the sky above Colfax in Washington. This was filmed on Monday, 27th March 2017.

Witness report: Only appeared on recording, did not see with naked eye, but observed while recording on screen. I was driving home through a relatively unfamiliar area and stopped to record some pleasant scenery as the weather was quite nice for a change. As I was taking the video I noticed something strange on my screen but couldnt actually see it with the naked eye I dismissed it as something on my windshield, but then all of a sudden I started to feel as if I was having a panic attack and my heart was beating very fast and erratically so I stopped recording and continued my drive home.
Upon review of the video I realized that there was some sort of craft zipping around those wind turbines I was admiring, it appeared quickly out of nowhere, and hovered in sort of a circular motion a considerable distance away, Looked like two discs flying tightly in tandem, with a light radiating around them at times.

Author (source: MUFON)

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  1. Looks like someone taking advantage of the wind and is flying a kite.
    The action of the object, looks like a kite.
    Why didn’t he get out of the car and get closer?

    • i said that once to a video and people attacked me. probably because he was afraid. some people are afraid to do that.

  2. not a bug its a bird you can see it moves and is trying to fight against the wind when flying and is flapping its wings but in no way is this a UFO

  3. If it were a kite, or bird, or drone, why weren’t they able to see it without the aid of their phone/video recorder?

  4. If it was a kite or a bird or a drone, why weren’t they able to see it without the aid of their video recorder/phone??

  5. I will not be commenting any more. As it seems, my comments,don’t get posted.Now, just because i posted this comment,It will be posted.

  6. This is no bird, bug or kite. A bug would never hang there in extreme wind, and you would be able to see wing movement, if even slightly, if it were a bird. A kite would change angle, and there was no change in this shot

    Sounds like many commenting here don’t know what to look for. Look around for daytime sightings near the ground. This is about a real as it gets.

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