Flashing triangle-shaped craft hovering above Ontario, Canada


This interesting footage of triangle UFO sighting was recorded over Barrie in Ontario Canada on 27th February 2017.

Witness report: I pulled onto my street heading home and I noticed 3 bright lights in the sky; 2 red and one white flashing very fast. I recorded it for a few seconds from my car, until the video went out of focus, then pulled into my driveway and went inside to tell people to come look. My brother-in-law came outside and saw it as well. I started to record again and as I did it changed its white light to red and began pulsating slowly with the other 2 lights now turned off. It then flickered its lights and changed the red pulsating light back to white, continued to pulsate, and then went back to flashing again for the remainder of the time I watched. It eventually vanished from view.

Author (source: MUFON)

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  1. I believe it’s a real UFO. I think
    the majority of all photos and videos that I have seen are real..!!!
    About 98% of UFOS,That I have seen,
    (VIA) Video or photos or with my own eyes I believe they are real.

    • Chanya, I think you may be deluding yourself with that comment. Watching any video cannot tell you the entire truth about that sighting. Be cautious and do your homework.

  2. what’s wierd is that you’re an ontario-an and you are swearing like a mofo. some drones are very quiet. and you are at a distance so no, you would not hear a drone. it looks like drones are going to totally ruin actual ufo sightings.

  3. measuring voice distress patterns of this sample video, leads me to believe that these guys are guilty of a poor hoax. They talk matter of fact(ly) while witnessing this incident take place…surely they would have a bit of excitement or even fright that would be detectable in their voices.

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