Locals Baffle With Multiple UFO Sightings Across Cornwall


A substantial evidence of alien life has been found over Cornwall as what some UFO hunters believed. Dozens of locals claimed to have seen a strange translucent, shimmering craft in the sky over the past week.

The bizarre event was first observed on Monday. Surfer Kiefer Krishnan caught the odd phenomenon on his Go-Pro camera and uploaded it to Instagram.

Since then, dozens of videos were uploaded to social media sites that were recorded in different locations across England’s southwestern tip.

Some suggestions state that it could be a flock of birds or insects. However, experts say that this is unlikely because it has the same shape over several days in similar locations.

Others say that it could be from the Eden Project performing a public stunt. The Eden Project is scheduled to open its new Journey Into Space attractions on this 27th of July 2017.

Eden Project spokesperson said that they have a galaxy of ways to the tell the story of space, coining a phrase that the truth is out there.

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  1. this was a cgi project by kids to promote the eden project,reported by bbc cornwall live as if it was a legit series of different people who had filmed it..a psy op to discredit ufology

  2. I am interesting to receive only UFO SIGHTINGS, not like now that you show us, for example, models of hats. Thank you and regards.

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