UFO Photographs Taken In London, England


Do not fear the animal mutilations, crop circles, claims of “ancient astronauts,” lights in the sky or the strange new cults for the reason that we do not know yet if they exist. However, it has been decades since the sighting emerged, however, no definite answers yet. So the answer would merely depend on the belief you have. It was a hot summer day when the witness was sitting in the garden. Minutes later, he noticed something shiny in the sky. Of course, he knew that it was not an aeroplane as he is familiar with it. In fact, he lives under the flight paths to two different airports, the Heathrow heading to the North, and the Gatwick heading to the South.

The good thing is, the witness always takes his binoculars and camera outside, whether it is day or night. He took his camera and tried zooming in. He started taking pictures and managed to get five to six photos. The witness was scared when he looked at them and finally decided never to stay outside again. The witness shared the photos on his Instagram page by telling his followers what he saw. The UFO finally disappeared in the clouds, and that was the last time he saw. The next day he decided to stay in the garden to do some readings but noticed something red in the sky. He again took his camera out of his bag and started taking pictures, but only managed to get one pic since it was moving too fast. After seeing the images, he went inside because of fear. Since then, it has been hell since strange objects are coming over as soon as he goes outside to stargaze.

There is no rationale as to how these strange objects got there or why they exist, to begin with. There are tonnes of research to be done concerning the aliens and what they are. The witness was reliable enough to conclude what he saw. He has photos and people that can support his statements.

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  1. I know at times,it’s hard to have a reference point. Something to compare the size with. Some sort of background,a tree, hill, or something. As these are good photos. Now as for the objects coming out,just as this individual, goes outside. Perhaps,they are picking up, on his thoughts. Maybe,they want him,to take these photos.To show other people,to make others. Aware We are Not Alone.

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