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I am doing my best to keep this website updated daily and giving you the latest sightings and news about UFOs. I’m proud to say, that there was not a single day without a post since I started this site back in 2009.

And now I need YOUR help! Please donate if you can and together we can make this website even better! Every little bit help!

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  1. Hi dude from the website,

    Thank you for all the hard work!

    I hope the ignorant & stupid debunker’s & sock puppet’s don’t get to you.

    Only people like we actually know how hard it is to bring ufology to the masses,
    filtering the lies from the truth to the secure the future being smirked at all the time has a high price, getting the material, evaluating it documenting it always hopping that no hoax has passed inspection.

    Certainly one of the most brave & honorable things a human being can choose for it self today.

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