The Remarkable Knowles Family UFO Encounter Incident in Mundrabilla, Australia


In 1988 the Knowles family claimed they encountered and were actively chased in their car by a UFO on the Australian Nullarbor Plain.

The Knowles family and their two pet dogs had a UFO encounter on whilst travelling across the Nullarbor Plain in the early hours of the morning. The family described how a UFO shot over their car and lifted it from the road below them.

They described how their voices changed in pitch, the family dog in the car went crazy, and the car started shaking. Australian news outlets declared the bizarre incident a UFO encounter and reported that the car was covered by strange dust.

This video footage of news outlets discussing and interviewing the family contains amazing testimony on a bizarre and rarely talked about UFO encounter.

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  1. Weird family, but then a weird thing happened to them. Maybe this could serve as a training film for abductees on how to act after you’ve encountered something unknown…

    • I agree with Amy, they seem as though they have led sheltered lives and are traumatized by what happened. It’s plain to see that something odd did happen to them.

  2. This was the most famous sighting of a UFO in Australia, but sadly for us their was nothing extra terrestrial about it. By all accounts the craft that attacked the Knowles family was about the size of a large station wagon, it had a powerful searchlight, it hovered, it spewed out hot exhaust fumes and carbon soot from its engines and made a loud high pitched electrical humming noise and a vroom vroom noise. Sounds like a helicopter to me. The craft first tried to force the family car off the road while they were driving at 100km/hr by flying down the road with the searchlight on, but Sean Knowles swerved around the light and kept going. The chopper chased after them and at 100km/hr and attached an electro magnet connected to the helicopter by a 15 metre cable onto the cars roof. The family heard a metal thump on the roof as the magnet was attached and felt the heavy magnet pushing the car down. The inside of the car was now bathed in the light from the searchlight and the static electricity from the magnet made their hair stand on end. The rotor blades from the helicopter were compounding and oscillating the air around the family which made their voices seem distorted, like the were yelling out in slow motion. The high voltage of the magnet began to heat up the cars fuse box and melt the cars wiring and the car began to fill with a foul smelling smoke. The family wound down the windows and were engulfed by hot fumes and soot being down drafted by the helicopters rotors. At this point the chopper began to lift the car but it began to swing violently from side to side. Sean Knowles looked at the speedo and it was recording 200 km/hr because his foot was still on the accelerator and the front wheels were free wheeling with no road resistance. Mrs Knowles reaches onto the roof and touches the rubber insulation around the magnet which she describes felt like a soft, spongey suction pad. The swinging motion of the car makes it impossible for the chopper to maintain lift and the car still attached comes crashing down onto the road.The rear tyre hit the road first and the sidewall of the tyre explodes and the valve is also blown out. Now the car is bouncing along the road, still at about 100km/hr and the bouncing of the car shears the the front springs within the wheel wells. Sean Knowles slams on the brakes and the helicopter is now dragging the skidding car from 30 metres along the road before the car comes to a halt. The family jump out of the car and watch the out of control chopper as the crew tried to stop it crashing into the ground. Never in the history of helicopter aviation has anybody been underneath a tethered helicopter with its engines on full throttle, it made a hell of a noise and the family were blasted with fumes,,soot and desert dust. Sadly the crew managed to control the situation but then they noticed a truck approaching the scene so they took off. The chance sighting of the truck gave the family time to return to the car and to change the tyre. They tried to stop the truck but he kept going so the family jumped back into the car and started to follow the truck. With the family back in the car the helicopter crew pursued them all the time trying to re-attach the magnet. The driver swerved all over the road at high speed and out manoeuvred the chopper and eventually passed the truck and them pulled into the next roadhouse. The people at the roadhouse tell how they were confronted by four very frightened members of the family telling them about their strange experience. A truck driver looked over the car and said it was covered in soot and had four dents on the roof and it looked like it had been picked up by a magnet. IT WAS. I have followed this case from the beginning, it was out in the desert on the night of the attack, I have spoken to the family, one of the truck drivers at the roadhouse and the insurance assessor who looked at the car.I don’t have a web site about it yet but I have the evidence and full story on my Facebook page for those who want to see the truth, William Buckley, Perth, Western Australia.

    • Oh really, which bits did I miss out on. Tell me what you don’t understand and I would be happy to enlighten you. I know this case inside out, I was out on the desert the night of the attack, I have spoken to the family and one of the truck drivers and have also spoken to the insurance assessor. I have collected most newspaper articles and magazine articles, researched the internet and viewed all the videos. So what facts don’t fit.

    • I have spoken to the Knowles family about this incident. I first spoke to Mrs Knowles in Perth at her home.Over the years the family have heard a lot a BS about this incident and she would not let me in until I told her about my theory. I told her I believe they were attacked by a paramilitary group using a helicopter and that there involvement was a case of mistaken identity. She agreed. The family had just received a 300 page report from a UFO research group and I wanted to review it or get a copy for my research. Mrs Knowles asked my to come back an see her sons the next day. The next day just as I was speaking to the boys, A woman claiming to be from a television company burst in ranting that the family were going to be abducted by Aliens for outer space and taken to mother ship for experiments.What about the report I asked, To late, Two men from 20th Century Fox picked it up and said they were going to make a movie. Fat chance of that. Mrs Knowles said in a newspaper article that she believed there was a cover up, she said,” We are all angry”, “Everybody knows that this happened to us but the people who should be concerned have just ignored it”, “There has been a cover up”, “The government owes us, and the public an explanation”. What ever people may believe, the attempted abduction an/ or the attempted murder of the Knowles family should and must be investigated. There are plenty of reliable eye witnesses and forensic evidence to conduct a criminal investigation and for over the 30 years I have campaigned and lobbied the police, the government and the media to look into this case but they remain silent. The worlds science community has spent billions looking at and listening to the universe for any sign of life and so far we haven’t found anything, not even a spec. To think that Aliens would travel time and space and try to abduct the Knowles family and then disappear is hard for me to believe, not without evidence anyway. The evidence suggests the the family were attacked by a helicopter equipped with an electromagnet. Carbon soot from the engines had been found on and in the car. Forensic police said that the carbon soot looked like the residue that collects in car exhaust pipes or in my view in the turbines of a helicopter. Forensic analysis found that silicon like dust which came from the craft during the attack was potassium chlorate an explosive chemical used by terrorists to build an improvised explosive device. Another test found a trace of astatine a toxic radioactive chemical that should only be found in a nuclear facility. So maybe Aliens from outer space have helicopter like crafts that are powered by fossil fuels and carry chemicals to make a dirty bomb but it is my view that a proper criminal enquiry should be empowered to examine if humans were responsible first.

      • The idea that a military helicopter that would be large enough to have sufficient thrust to lift a motor vehicle would be operating out on the the Nullabor plain, and would have a pilot foolish enough to attempt to attach an electromagnet to the roof of said vehicle travelling at 100km/h and try to lift said vehicle off the road, and for what possible bizarre reason, is even more incredulous than the alien story.
        Military or “paramilitary” as your refer to them do not undertake crazy maneuvers like this, everything they do is planned with precision. If they wanted to stop the vehicle they would simply set down on the road ahead and bring it to a stop using any number of conventional means.
        I think you have been watching too many James Bond movies.

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