Veteran British UFO Investigator Recounts The Best UFO Account He Has Come Across

Three very tall men in silver suits were reportedly standing beside a flying saucer on the ground. A mother and six children provided the same account of the incident when UFO investigators interviewed them. Veteran British UFO researcher Philip Mantle did his most memorable investigation before calling it a journey from the UFO conference scene. Mr Mantle investigated such rare account with his colleague Mark Birdsall of Yorkshire UFO Society.

The UFO researcher said he was told that the mother’s eight-year-old daughter ran into the house shouting, crying and telling her to come and look an aeroplane that has just landed in the field. The child apparently saw an object on the ground in the areas adjacent to her house.

Westerman UFOs

According to the accounts, the object was dull grey colour and looked like a Mexican hat. Strange enough, three very tall men stood around the object, and all of them appeared to be in silver suits, the report said. Mr Mantled added that these men seemed to be pointing to a dark instrument on the ground. The witnesses described it as a torch-like thing without light.

Mr Mantle stated that the suits were metallic silver, which would crease when the tall men moved.

The witnesses said that the men went to the rear of the mysterious thing, which then rose vertically, stopped in mid-air before it shot off at an angle at an incredible speed. They reportedly never heard a sound coming from the object the entire time.

All six children of Joyce Westerman related similar accounts to them, Mr Mantle stated. The events took place in early summer 1979.

Mr Mantle considered this one as the best UFO case he has come across down the years. He will also recount other UFO cases on September 9 at the Outer Limits Magazine UFO Conference in Hull.

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  1. This one I’ve heard of but never got into it before. There’ve been a lot of sightings, contacts and abductions over the time since Roswell…

  2. In 1966 aged 12 I was walking in late afternoon early evening it was still light I was walking along a country lane in village of hammerwich near Litchfield in West Midlands the fields on either side of lane had hedgerows with breaks where barbed wire attached to posts I looked to my left and in a field some distance from lane was a silver colouted ufo a disc type on the ground was a being in a white all in one space suit it went over the head an oblong visor across eyes it was looking up underneath disc it turned and saw me and at that moment another appeared at a hatch steps like you see on private jets that fold out and when closed is a door were visible but this being was very very tall also in an alk in one suit started coming down steps then there was a green flash from chest of first being from something strapped or hanging around neck the next thing I remember is being inside craft first being was a normal looking woman the other a man he was pilot who seemed to be in a raised area they said they wanted to talk with me bit we could not stay on ground they might be seen we took off strait up next to no noise but a slight sound as we went through air it seemed in seconds we were above earth just hovering the woman was talking but I think it was telepathy she said terrible things would happen on earth and would l like to go with them into space I was in a kids home and had recently met my mother I said I wanted to know if I was going to live with her and would I as an adult have success a good job and that kind of stuff I did not want to go with them but said if I changed my mind would they come back and get me they said they personally would not be returning so I felt torn as what to do we landed and then I just seemed to be walking down lane there was a farmers house further down the farmers wife came out to do something in her front garden she was very large lady wearing an apron she stood staring at me I hurried past I realised it was now dark I eventually arrived back at kids home and the master demanded to know where I had been as I had been gone many hours the other boys were preparing for bed the master questioned me for a long time I did not mention ufo as I would have been ridiculed by him and other kids really little green men and that kind of stuff it was 1966 the master said I seemed subdued quiet and the questioning went on for some time i eventualy was allowed to go to bed I remember feeling from then on for a long time actually subdued like the energy and my zest has gone from me I was taken to doctors but nothing was found to be physicaly wrong with they said maybe it was psychological I never felt the same again and wished I had gone with the human looking aliens I am now 63 and only recently told people who suggest I dreamt it but it was not I had been to visit an ex foster family and walked to there house and it was on way back down country lane that this incident happend I’ve never told anyone for fear of ridicule this really happend and I’ve kept quiet about it but had as I became an adult a hunger or interest in ufos aliens other planets space I do remember I began to have blackouts not long after which continued until I was became an adult I also never got my zest for life back I became introverted and quiet and a recluse every since ..this is fact not fiction I can still see the faces of man n woman aliens and inside of ufo the ufo had what seemed like tripod legs when I first saw it in field I have also seen orbs above rooftops in hackney in London in 1994 and in 2004 I was standing on balcony of my flat about 3.30am something in corner of my something blacker than night sky I strained my eyes to focus on it in distance near hackney town started to get closer and came with no noise at all into view heading towards me it was like an upside down cone very very black no markings visible and the bottom of it the point of cone was glowing a sort of red like it was a form of energy moving it had on the there points of cone rounded edges it stopped right opposite me I felt it was to small for even an alien to be inside of it I knew it was not of this earth not man made it then sped off as if it was under intelligent control from somewhere towards hackney marshes some days later on TV news the metropolitan police helicopter filmed it self almost being hit by a small fast dark object the policeman and pilot were shocked and actually said something like ufo or aliens it was all filmed by police helicopter but happend very fast I could see police although in a sort of joking way said ufo or aiens were in shock at speed of object I feel it was exactly what I saw

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