Watch – UFOs Crossing the Moon


Unidentified flying objects have been reported to have recorded on video crossing the lunar surface through a high-zoom telescope.

An array of objects passing the lunar surface is not new to YouTuber Crrow777 after spending years of observing a high-definition camera through a telescope on the moon.

These objects include a boomerang that is made up of a strange unevenly-shaped object, three interconnected discs, and regular discs.

Crrow777, who has been narrating his videos, claims he knows the UFOs are not birds, insects, or satellites flying closer to Earth and creating an optical illusion as to their size after years of filming the moon using a telescopic lens.

In a video, Crrow777 says that it is a compilation of UFOs transiting the moon. He explains that these were shot over the past years and only represent a small part of his captures.
Crrow777 believes that the moon is a hologram and the International Space Station is a hoax.

Several conspiracy theorists believe the American government has developed a craft secretly that can go into space. It is also believed that aliens occupied the moon, the reason NASA has never returned. One of the most popular conspiracy theories is that the moon is a hollow extraterrestrial space station.

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  1. I have seen previous videos form crow777. Interesting…. As far as no ISS,This i have spotted on two different occasions. As it passed by.

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