Conspiracy Theorists Claim Top UFO Researchers Are Being Murdered One After Another


The government killing off anyone who gets near to the truth about UFOs may be just a perfect conspiracy theory, but some people sincerely believe it. As proof, they referred to growing list of people who had died due to alleged accidents and suicides.

John Ventre, one of the researchers at the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), says that 137 people died in the field of UFO investigation in a ten-year period.

Max Spiers

Paranormal investigator Max Spiers died last year after claiming to have survived a secret super soldier programme of the government. Conspiracy fans pointed the finger at secret government agencies.

Believers say that killings may have been arranged to stop them from revealing the truth about UFOs back as far as 1947. They believe that JFK assassination may be one of those killings.

YouTuber Tyler of SecureTeam 10 claims that he has had threats and phone calls. He says that the danger from the government or people who want to keep them silent grows monumentally as UFO enthusiasts like him have grown into prominent positions in the field of UFO research. Tyler adds that he is starting to believe that those concerns are justified.

UFO author Nigel Watson says the conspiracy theory implies that there is some form of conspiracy and organisation behind the killings.

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  1. This has been going on. Since the 1940’s. I have been reading,and watching articles. About UFOs and ARVs.When someone get’s to close, to the Real TRUTH. They are Warned,that they and their families. Could come to harm.

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