Did The American Pilot Die After Seeing A Flying Cone In The Sky?


The mysterious crash in 1970 involved the disappearance of Captain William Schaffner, 28, an American pilot.

The incident took place nearly 50 years ago but created a conspiracy theory that persists until today.

The official conclusion of the unforgettable event regarding the American fighter jet that went down off Britain’s coast was that a tragic accident caused the plane piloted by U.S. Air Force pilot Captain William Schaffner to go down.

However, apparent sightings of flying transparent spheres and mysterious blips on the radar fueled intrigue, mystery, and speculation that UFOs downed the fighter jet XS894.

Adding to the enigma, the body of the pilot was missing after the aircraft was found on the seabed with its canopy closed weeks later.

Captain Schaffner was declared dead, but his body has never been found.

According to RAF Binbrook, Lincolnshire, during the Cold War, the pilot took off on the night of September 8, 1970, into the skies over Grimsby. The 28-year-old pilot then headed out over the North Sea on the way to Flamborough.

But shortly after 10:30 pm, the aircraft ditched into the sea, five miles south of Flamborough Head. Local newspapers covered the air and sea search and rescue operation.

It was revealed on October 7, 1970, that the plane was discovered by Royal Navy divers onboard the HMS Kedleston that sailed to Flamborough but they returned empty-handed as they still did not provide answers.

The plane stayed on the seabed, but the pilot’s body was still missing.

It was only in December that year the submerged plane was brought to the surface. To everyone’s surprise, the cockpit was empty, and the canopy over the cockpit was closed. Immediately rumors started to circulate.

In October 1992, a series of articles written by Pat Otter and published by Grimsby Telegraph brought life to the story with the incident being described as The Riddle of Foxtrot 94.

The writer claimed that there was evidence that out of this world was the cause of the downing and disappearance of the pilot.

Mr. Otter cited unnamed military sources who claimed they had observed UFOs across Grimsby, Flamborough and beyond.

Captain Schaffner was on Quick Reaction Alert duty during this period. He was dispatched to see what was the blips on the radar.

One newspaper report said that the pilot reported spotting a flying cone and a transparent sphere flying around his aircraft, causing malfunctions to his equipment.

In July 1994, the Grimsby Telegraph reported that the cat and mouse chase between Schaffner and the unidentified craft resulted in the death of the captain.

A team at RAF Binbrook said that it was their job to investigate the crash, but they were stalled, and their instruments had disappeared.

Until today, the case remained a mystery despite many things had happened since that day.

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    Might he have been tasked with trying to figure out how to shoot our elders out of the sky? Might that have been what the Quick Reaction Alert duty was all about?

    The cat and mouse chase between Schaffner and the unidentified craft. Might he have had a new weapon that he wanted to try out on our elders’ spacecraft?

    If so could that be the reason they beamed him out of his plane, and now he is a guest of the Federation?

    Is it not something to think about when American Labor finally acts to STOP THE WAR then Captain Shaffner will be returned looking nearly as young as when he left here?

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    Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT end their sports war and genocide and help to return a young looking U.S. Air Force pilot Captain William Schaffner to Brooklyn town?

  2. “The official conclusion of the unforgettable event regarding the American fighter jet that went down…” Then why is a British jet shown in the photo? Unvetted stories with misspellings, bad grammar and all sorts of mistakes make everything on this site look stupid and unauthoritative.

  3. Do you not find anything wrong with: “The writer claimed that there was evidence that out of this world was the cause…” That out of this world? Out of this world WHAT? Out of this world cats? Out of this world ice cream? All sorts of mistakes make this site look like a joke. Hire a proofreader!

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