Five UFOs Moving In Formation Above Basingstoke


Claims of UFOs surrounded Basingstoke after five mystery lights were recorded on video appearing to fly in formation above the town.

The unnamed man said that he and a colleague noticed the lights in the sky while at work.

In a witness report to MUFON, he said he went outside with a workmate to get something out of the van, and saw one light slowly moving around the back of a building.

Then another one became visible to them from behind the building at a constant distance. Seconds later, another three came to view as if they were already there but were not lit up.

The witness said that after around a minute, they started to swing around slowly and turned around 220 degrees.

After another around a minute, two lights got further away. One stopped, and one appeared to carry on barely being a visible light source.

At this point, he said, they seemed to swing around again in formation.

To get a better view, they decided to run back inside the building and get into the roof.

Unfortunately, they could not see anything because of the fog. They decided to run back down, but those mysterious objects were nowhere to be found.

He said they did not hear noise and see flashing lights, ruling out helicopters and civilian aircraft.

He also ruled out searchlights shining up from the ground as they could clearly see the surface area of the lights getting wider as it shone down, which could entail that the light source was in the sky.

The sighting reportedly lasted around 30 minutes, and the witness had managed to take roughly four minutes of video.

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