Twinkling UFO Caught On Camera Hovering In English Sky


A video shows a pair of flickering balls of light hovering over Landbeach, a tiny village in eastern England. A man in Cambridgeshire, England recorded on video an apparent UFO floating in the night sky.

According to the witness report, he saw the two lights while going out for a cigarette before sleep at around 11 o’clock at night.

The witness stated that he saw one of the UFOs approximately 300 feet in the sky in white colour and the other one was hovering just above the tree line and orange in colour. The orange one hovered for around five minutes before it disappeared and the one in the video, hovered for approximately 15 minutes, which reportedly stayed there after the witness went back inside.

The man first thought the light was a twinkling star but changed his mind when it started making erratic movements. He stated that the light darted out slightly, went behind a tree, and came out again. The witness felt like it was staring at him.

He explained that looking for UFOs is not his thing. He admitted that he was quite spooked as he could not think of anything that would explain the strange light. He ruled out an aeroplane or a helicopter as possible explanations because he heard no engine sound. He also said that it could not have been a drone because it wasn’t looked like it.

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