UFO Sighting Video Apparently Reveals A Secret Alien Base In Russia


Footage shows a strange light beneath the clouds captures from a plane window. The bright light reportedly travels over a vast empty part of Russia.

The light remains utterly still like it is coming from a fixed area on the ground as the jet speeds up over the top.

The video was uploaded to a YouTube account Stan on April 22. The video went viral and gained popularity on different conspiracy channels.

YouTube user thirdphaseofmoon shared the footage on his profile, stating on the title that “Russia probably doesn’t want you to see this.”

He said the light was seemed out of the middle of nowhere and emitted a strange bright orange glow. It could be a crashed UFO or UFO experiments that were happening, he added.

The video has gained popularity with more than 6,000 hits just a few hours after he uploaded it.

UFO enthusiasts were quick to give their speculation about the strange light.

Many viewers think that the light is very unusual as it is too concentrated and uniformed. Others speculate that it could be a UFO below the clouds. Some claim that Russia has a vast UFO base. However, many others offer a simple explanation saying the light is a lens flare or a natural weather event.

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