TIC TAC UFO Incidents

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Coast to Coast AM – June 17, 2018

Kevin Day is a retired United States Navy Senior Chief Petty Officer, a former Operations Specialist and TOPGUN Air Intercept Controller with more than 20 years’ experience in Strike Group air defense including war-time operations. He joined George Knapp to discuss his experience with the USS Princeton’s Combat Information Center that discovered the fleets of anomalous air contacts, now known as the Tic Tac UFOs, in the skies above the Southern California in November 2004. While working on the Princeton (a support ship for the USS Nimitz) on November 10, 2004, he noticed 8-10 tracks on the radar scope in the vicinity of the Catalina Islands. They were moving south at 28,000 feet and 100 knots, which is quite slow for something that high in the air.

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  1. They didn’t have to be in that area of the ocean and they didn’t have to be radar visible or naked eye visible. So despite appearances, they were there to be seen. Conclusion: this was a message, to the military. It reads as follows: (1) we pwn you (2) despite this, we don’t actually want to harm you (3) we’ll be over here doing our thing, don’t mind us (4) that said, we’re not interested in actually having a chat right now.

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