Amateur Astronomer Spots UFO Heading To Mars

UFO on Mars

A strange clip claims to have evidence that aliens are travelling around space and living on Mars.

It shows a small bright light moving fast across the black void of space.

The mysterious light seems to head directly towards Mars before passing just underneath it and continuing on its travel.

Amateur skywatcher, known by YouTube name MrMBB333, claims it wasn’t visible to the naked eye and only saw it after reviewing the video.

The clip was captured at 4:40 am on June 24 in the US.

He noted in the video, which has been viewed over 50,000 times, that it was not a plane.

He explained that the thing was smoking across the sky.

Viewers offered mixed reactions to the video and what it has shown.

One commenter said that it was not a plane but a straight up UFO. He described it as an impressive catch.

Another one said that they have old and new ships that can zoom through space from the Moon to Mars.

Some others suggested it could be an alien satellite.

It is not the first time unusual activity on Mars has brought frenzy in the UFO community.

Earlier this month, conspiracy theorists went wild after NASA backed an ancient alien theory.

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