As Seven Solar Observatories Mysteriously Closed, A UFO Spotted Near the Sun


The solar observatory that the FBI closed down under suspicious circumstances is scheduled to reopen. But one woman thinks she has the explanation for the strange closure after finding a UFO-like disc near the Sun.

The FBI mysteriously shut down the operation of the National Solar Observatory (NSO) in Sunspot, New Mexico on September 6 with officials remaining at the site.

No official explanation yet on the presence of FBI in the area.

The reopening of the solar observatory this week has sent conspiracy theorists into overdrive.

During the time the NSO has been shut down, six more observatory cameras have also gone offline. One in Spain, Chile, Australia, Pennsylvania and two in Hawaii.

Now, a person claimed that she saw a massive UFO when she snapped images of the Sun. According to the woman, she saw a gigantic UFO and a vast fleet of smaller crafts following it as they were passing behind the sun.

Some conspiracy theorists suggest that the image shows the reason the solar observatories were closed down. They believe that the move of the FBI was for them to keep the discovery under wraps.

Maria Hill of Salem, Indiana took the image on September 11. The picture seems to show spaceships luring near the Sun.

Ms Hill posted the story on Facebook alongside the images. She said that he took a picture of the Sun in the eastern sky on the morning using her iPhone8 with a camera lens adapter, but she snapped more than she expected.

Ms Hill said that she found a green circular door-like object, which was at the centre of the vortex/wormhole. She also saw a serpent snake at the top right over it, by a circular disc. She is confident this has meaning with the disc and the snake.

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  1. No “prophecy” or UFO here. Just a reflection in the window of a ceiling light fixture without a light bulb in it. The small black hole is where the chain would be

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