Bloodline Anomaly, Anunnaki, Enki And Extraterestrials – Michael Lee Hill with Glenn Bogue


Glenn Bogue’s a noteworthy scientist who conveys a novel point of view to the Anunnaki/antiquated outsiders field. Glenn’s been voyaging a considerable measure and takes back to the show huge amounts of data accumulated over a late spring of research and encounters intended to come to an obvious conclusion, collect the bits of the riddle and shake our reality. Hosts Janet Kira Lessin together with Dr. Sasha Lessin interview researchers Michael Lee Hill and author Glenn Bogue on Cosmic Conspiracy, Anunnaki, Enki And Extraterestrials.

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  1. I cannot believe there are that many people on this planet that believe anything Zecharia Sitchin was saying. Now people talking about working with aliens saying they are here to help HUMANS. Are people really that delusional? You don’t need to read one book you just have to look at the world. I can tell you a person of MJ12 had Honey that could cure any sickness on this planet. It was reflected in the X_File movie. Anyone thinking any race has a clue to GOD or truth of SOUL is following Lucifer not God or a so-called good alien race.           Just to prove all UFO people talking about Good aliens are delusional – no race anytime in history help man move forward spiritually ever. Man was always was killers after Atlantis was destroyed. Fact just look at so -called humans. Not one race new anything about the truth about reincarnation. They were all feed false info. The Egyptians did every thing wrong thinking they knew what they were doing things right. Please the Native people never had any help to survive. There is only one race with a different DNA and they are called Hopi people.    Free energy was given to Tesla by an alien race – which will help destroy the world. Energy is going to destroy man’s ability to even think. Remote viewing is not all it is sad to be. Do people really follow these delusional beings and think they are giving people of earth the truth. The only thing they are doing in contaminating earth and removing God from the picture to allow Lucifer to control everything. Not one good thing is growing and everything is becoming useless. No food is healthy now more then it was 50 years ago. The air and water more toxic then ever in history. You think an alien race is helping = yes make the earth become filled with robots. Al Bielek the first person to travel back and forth in time said in 2038 to-42  will be the change that aliens are working hard on now. Meaning only 1/3 of the population will be here. There will be floating cities but sadly most will be running by mostly robots.    Please NO ALIEN race will teach anything about a real God. No alien race will make people learn what love is.   If you listen to any white person talking about Native teaching – even if they are Native – there is no truth to about 90% of any story ever told. They fought with giants and Bigfoot. Indian story are just that. No one has anything to do with proof. There was only one race in the US before hundreds more came later. There is only one root Native race. Check out my video  check out LIES. 

  2. If anyone of you have the balls to debate me please try. I will do it on your time or mine. The truth is slowly being removed by a few sick alien races. The Anunnaki are not that important to human history. They will not ever help mankind move forward spiritually. They are not here to save the human race to become spiritual. They do not need 7.4 billion people for any reason. But sadly aliens are reincarnating onto this planet in large numbers now.

    • Tommy Hawksblood..I was researching Rh neg Blood and ended up here on your comment, I think what you have so articulately stated makes sense to me. I can actually detect these evil NON humans in positions of power all over world in bigger numbers now, I am hoping that the great awakening going on atm around the Planet will help humanity realize we are in need of a mass revolution and education of the REAL TRUTH.

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