Pill-Shaped UFO Seen Pulsating In The Skies Above NC

A UFO appearing in the sky just outside Greensboro, North Carolina was captured on video, which was also posted on social media. Moments after it made available online, the UFO sighting video has sparked an ongoing debate with many claiming to have seen the same random flashing object.

The 5-minute video, which was posted on Saturday, shows a pill-shaped object soaring through the sky and making a series of flashes.

The video, which is magnified and slowed down, has been viewed thousands of times and several YouTube channels devoted to UFOs and unsolved mysterious picked it up.

It is credited to YouTube username SpaceBret, also known as Bret Jones, who reveals in the video that the strange object was spotted on January 25 while he was trying to record birds outside Greensboro on video.

He claims that he noticed a mysterious flashing light in the sky close to an airplane. The UFO was moving slowly across the sky, slightly slower than the planes flying around, according to uploader Jones, who did not think he captured it at all.

He decided later to magnify and slow down the footage by 900 percent, which appears to reveal a glinting pill shaped object producing flashes from its two ends.

When Bret saw it, it just blew him away because it wasn’t what he expected at all. And until now, he does not have an idea of what it is.

One person has suggested that it is a Mylar balloon with string or WiFi extender antenna balloon because, at one point in the video, it looks like the UFO has a tether.

However, Jones does not agree with the suggestion as it cannot explain the flashing and vanishing. He also believes that the tether might be some kind of fuel ejected from the object.

Several people claim to have seen the same UFO. Julia Hejnar posted on YouTube that she saw the same object in Winston Salem in the late afternoon of the 25th. She said that the object also blinked out.

Another viewer SkyHound said that he had seen the flash at night for the past year now. He explained that he clearly knows the difference between helicopter, planes, meteorites, iridium flares, satellites, etc. but this is different. He added that the object appears to flash extremely bright with no pattern and it even occasionally fades out into a dull red light.

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  1. My first and only siting was of this cigar shaped UFO. I was always a believer in “alien life” do to the mathematical impossibility that we’re the only ones in a vast, possibly infinite, universe of planetary objects. Once you’ve seen.. and felt the experience, it’s unmistakable.

  2. Kinda looked like the back end of a triangle that was coming and going through a portal or something like that.

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