Bright UFO caught on tape over Holtwood, Pennsylvania 21-Apr-2019

This bright unidentified flying object was caught on tape over Holtwood, Pennsylvania on 21st April 2019.

Witness report: Glowing orb that ascended very quickly, changed direction and shape from a glowing pulsating orb, to a dark grey reflective triangle. My boyfriend and I were having a small bonfire and were sitting facing south toward the river and noticed a strange fast moving red/orange orb coming up the horizon behind the trees, we got out our cell phone and recorded this orb and as it flew overhead. It pulsated a red, orange glow. it changed direction from south to west and seemed to change shape as it flew into the clouds. It also seemed to turn off its lights and then it was a dark grey black triangle that reflected the clouds and was semi-transparent. We recorded this, but its hard to see where it flew into the clouds.

Author (MUFON)

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  1. you can see , look at them every night and noon ,where the sky is clear and stars shine , from your roof or yard and truss ,after sunset and before rising for two hours you can see ten U F O

  2. yes in your country how many days, ur (your) sky is clean without clouds, night sky come on please reply do you want to know yes or no (yes that s true , yes of course , come to my city (go to safari)

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