US Government Insider Reveals Pentagon Has A Warehouse For Mysterious Metal Possibly From Crashed UFOs

A former military intelligence official has made a shocking claim regarding mysterious materials possibly from crashed alien spacecraft. Luis Elizondo said the American government has stored “metamaterials” perhaps from extraterrestrial spaceships in a specially modified warehouse in Las Vegas. Elizondo, who was a former head of the secret Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) of the US Defense Intelligence Agency claimed that aerospace billionaire Robert Bigelow run the warehouse, which is under armed guard and secured with concrete and barbed wire.

Luis Elizondo explained that the “metamaterials” are composites which don’t occur naturally. He said that we don’t have the technical capacity to reproduce such materials with precision.

Elizondo headed the American government investigation into UFOs that shut down in 2012. The Pentagon had spent multi-million dollars for the UFO investigation. The secret project amassed information on other aircraft which seemed to move extremely fast without having any visible form of propulsion.

Elizondo said that other craft appeared to hover without rotor blades. A video of an encounter between an oval-shaped object without exhaust, wings or tail and an F/A-18 Super Hornet fighter jet was later released to illustrate such sightings investigated by the AATIP. Most of the investigations were contracted out to Bigelow Aerospace, whose founder once told in a TV interview that he believes aliens are real and that UFOs have visited Earth.

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