American Government Is Silently Monitoring Snake-Like UFOs Spotted Across the Nation

 An ex-police officer believes the American government is well aware of the snake-like UFOs that have appeared over multiple different states.

People from different parts of the US have claimed to have spotted mysterious objects in the skies on camera, which bear a resemblance to snakes in their movement.

The sighting began in June when a famous YouTube personality was puzzled to find a bright light over the Mojave Desert in California.

Since then, they have reportedly been observed during a meteor shower in Wyoming and above New York moving like it has life.

Former detective constable Gary Heseltine said that cigar-shaped UFOs had been spotted for decades and some reports involve snake-like objects.

Mr Heseltine went on the claim that the American government and military have controlled the UFO arena around the world since the 1940s.

He certainly believes that the US military and government know much more about space alien visitation. He suspects that the public only knows 10 percent of the truth about ET and UFOs.

He pointed out that the sightings are numerous and have many different witnesses. With this data, he firmly believes that someone in authority is silently monitoring the activity of snake-like UFOs.

Gary went on the claim that he has met many individuals who were military pilots and have had UFO encounters. He said that around 3 percent of UFO reports involve space alien visitation.

Gary worked in the British Transport Police for 24 years until 2013 and now a researcher of UFO sightings.

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