Congressman Says Navy Withholding Information on UFO Sightings

The Navy has been withholding information about reports of UFOs, according to a top Republican on the House Homeland Security Committee after officially requesting more information on the mysterious encounters.

North Carolina Rep. Mark Walker, who is the Intelligence and Counterrorism subcommittee ranking member, asked Secretary Richard V. Spencer in July to outline the resources being used by the Navy to investigate the sightings. He also asked if officials have found physical proof to support the claims and whether they are aware of any private companies or foreign nations that have introduced breakthrough technologies that could explain the UFO sightings.

In a response through a brief letter on July 31, Navy Undersecretary Thomas Modly stated that the Department of the Navy takes such reports very seriously and continues to monitor them and investigate the sightings.

However, Walker said that the Navy seems to be unwilling to provide his committee with more information about the so-called unidentified aerial phenomena – the term the government prefers over the more traditional “unidentified flying objects” or UFOs. Walker has publicly expressed concern that the craft could pose a threat to American forces or U.S. territory.

He said that he is encouraged the Navy Under Secretary confirmed that encounters of unidentified flying objects are thoroughly investigated but at the same time frustrated with the lack of answers to specific questions about the threat that advanced aircraft flying in the U.S. airspace may pose.

Navy spokesperson Joe Gradisher responded saying that the service is prepared to accommodate any further congressional requests for data. Gradisher explained that they hadn’t received any new requests for updates on this matter.

Walker specifically questioned the Navy on unidentified aerial phenomena or unidentified flying objects, not drones, citing reports of mysterious flying objects moving at speeds and displaying maneuvers that go well beyond what is thought to be technologically possible.

In July 16 letter, Walker asked Spencer a series of specific questions on the sightings, including if the Department continues to dedicate resources to investigating and tracking the claims and to what measure. Walker also asked the Department if they found physical evidence or otherwise that supports these claims.

Walker believes in the possibility that the U.S. government agencies already know about the truth, but the rest of us don’t.

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  1. i firmly believe that not only the american govt but governments all around the globe are holding back on something that we know about ,but this load of rubbish about we cant disclose everything to the public is utter nonsense, they say incase it causes panic well we all pay our taxes and they use it for whatever they desire for so if we refused to pay any taxes at all then maybe the governments would have to release anything they are holding back on and stop treating the tax payers like a bunch of stupid school kids or even worse morons release what they know and let us decide for ourselves and make our own minds up

  2. At all – it is no any question of ‘belief’ – because the hard facts.
    So don’t try to mis-interpretate the whole situation.
    Governments and their previously given ‘promises’ – a shit at all.
    You may deny all this, but truth, facts, you do not know.
    Just try to find out the real situations, the facts.
    Are you just too stupid, to lazy to do just that??
    Lazy bones and stupid minds I only see in my surroundings……….
    But complaining all the time even with wildest speculations, that is what they are.
    Control – you ask?
    Answer: Idiots and masses with behaviour like idiotic sheep MUST been controlled.
    But You do know all that, but are so naively deep to show totally unaccepted behaviour.
    Like it is here.
    Something which is totally unimportant.
    You have no tiny idea of this.
    ‘After me the ‘Flash Flood’????
    And YOU call yourself as one of the beings realising all the truth and telling:
    ‘ Because we – the humans – are the so called ‘crown of creation ‘
    Destructing all the Mother, to debredate all the ressources of the Mother, just for making money, which you would spend into ‘something’ –
    which in the outcome means:
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    – All what you’ve possibly got, you have already thrown away by buying some idiotic ‘goods’ – who will self- destroying after a calculated time, to leave you back as loosers, which you really are.
    Getting nothing, but from the nothing you know a lot.
    – After all that ‘hype’ you will stand alone, poor, meaningless, idiotic and foolish.
    – Even when it is the time right NOW – you show a typically misunderstanding of all the serious problems, even denying all that.
    – WHO could be more stupid and idiotic – than YOU???
    But – idiotic as you are – you obviously do not give up the lousy speech:
    ” We are the crown of creation ”
    A little note here for you all:
    No any predator would show up a so bad behaviour as you do:
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    – Shooting down innocent people – for no any reason
    – Greeding for money – and nothing else – whatever the price is
    – Bringing down the whole planet for your sick greed for making money, to destruct the whole world……..
    What You DO NOT know:
    There is a very more ‘high’ force, which you do not know.
    The Mother, you may ignore.
    But that force goes deeper into it:
    – Any living ‘beings’ on the Mother’s surface, they are dispensable, but NEVER the Planet itself – the Mother.
    So it is the time now for you to get rid of your lousy egoism, ignorance, idiotism and all sad like this.
    But you appear as to ‘have not heard the shot’
    Okay, but it is only Your choice – and nobody else’.
    So – it is in your own responsibility – how the outcome will look like.
    But there is heavy darkness approaching……..
    – And do not try to complain ME at all
    – As it was always: All the responsibility was laid down into your own hands – but YOU appear as idiots, to claim to never have heard all this – a stupid lie at all.
    YOu all WILL pay, just following some cosmic rules:
    ‘Nothing appears from nothing’
    ‘Nothing you will get for free’
    Look at the night starry sky – and you will possibly see the wisdom behind.
    I do know to speak to blinded and mislead ‘souls’,
    but I do know as well, that they have ‘stored’ the knowledge anywhere in their hearts.
    So by knowing this, it brings my heart a bit down – to calm down – to relax.

  3. – part 2 –
    In same way I look ‘down’ to all you – the leaving back souls – who claims the numerous lines they wrote here (could paste in their written lines).
    And yes, I really look DOWN, because for you there is no any image ABOVE to look for.
    ALL your so called ‘reality’ it is just a so called reality fasten with knots – so to say.
    You may feel so ‘strong’ to be ‘able’ to just ‘show’ ‘truth’ which you do not know, but have ‘found’ just by search in ‘google’.
    So – be realizing your failure, you nevertheless publish it on numerous websites and / or so called ‘social networks’ – where the numerous and influenced souls see their ‘real backgrounds’, likewise to be exchanged by real robotic ‘programs’ and other deeply bad programs-bots, just to hold you close inside the TRAP.
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    Too late to reply, because you already are into it.
    No way now to rescue you,
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    You will find yourself similar to your date of birth:
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    Your possibly ‘earned’ Ferarri’ stands alone in the front of your house.
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    Now standing in background so unimportant – as if you have never been born.
    A simple candle light – placed just bear a grave, could spread out more light than you were able in all your long life spending time.
    But you, the ignorant…..
    Same as I read the numerous lines of so alled ‘comments’:
    Do know nothing, but claiming to know a lot, in summary they are just idiotic, brainwashed, introcdinated by Media, Smartphones and so called ‘Social Networks’ which in summary made all the users addicted-
    So you ALL are just losen addicted.
    Thats the first point of realisation.
    The 2nd is due to your addiction:
    To loose the view of reality.
    And to loose the ability to be focused onto one point.
    I could go on to describe your losts deficits.

    But that’s not my task.
    You? You may ask, to complain, to call me a liar? Yes?
    Okay, then begin to just bomb me with your (stone-age-like) accusations…

  4. @Amy Blatt: after coming back here after a while I see your comment (even twice).
    You repeatead your slogan once again: ” I feel I’ve go e down The Rabbit Hole again.”
    in general it may be right, but not in this special case.
    Because I wrote here the may lines full of truth.
    Maybe they appear in some ways so strange to you, this is because you have spent a too long time in your ‘rabbit hole’.
    Meanwhile the time went on and goes on, unimportant of the ‘realisation’ of a living human soul.
    To come back here to the title of message: “Congressman Says Navy Withholding Information on UFO Sightings”
    What do You think is the truth?
    Only this one incident – or including the many others from the past?
    You are the intelligent ones?
    So why then you are so persistantly unable to SEE the truth which is right in front of your eyes?
    DO your work, your research!
    Dive in into websites, which you’ve never found in any time before!
    There are numerous sites, but not that easy to find them.
    If you have serious interests for to find out truth, then BEGIN now!
    You will very surprised, the deeper you will go into it.

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