Bizarre UFO Sighting Video Sparks Mystery Over California Town

A UFO was caught hovering over a town for several minutes in the Californian night sky over Menifee town. It seemed to hang in one area with several bright lights on it for a couple of minutes.

Residents were quick to record the UFO while trying to figure out what it was.

One confused onlooker can be heard questioning the identity of the bright UFO. Another witness in the clip wondered whether the lights and the outline in the dark sky could be a group of drones.

A bystander replied that they are too high to be drones. Another one said that it’s the alien.

The video was reportedly recorded in October this year but has recently resurfaced on the internet.

In the caption, the uploader claimed over a hundred witnesses saw the UFO over Menifee.

They also reveal that the bizarre object made no noise whatsoever.

They added that the vast UFO sped up into the night sky after hovering for around five minutes.

Youtube users were unable to agree on an explanation of the UFO sighting video.

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  1. A puzzle, it would be interesting to have seen what this was in daylight. I can see it being approached by a plane to the right just before the video ends.
    It looks quite big so not sure what to make of it.

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