UFO photographed over Zurich airport 16-Dec-2019

This UFO photo was just submitted to me today through our Facebook page. It was taken yesterday over Zurich airport in Switzerland.

What do you think it is?

Your opinion?
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  1. I know this is real I saw this ufo with in 150 ft. It bottom lights up like the sun and 2 orange balls came floating down out of the bottom, the sides were like glass.The balls dropped about 10 ft. And started heading east toward the mountains.

  2. Yes and I know that drones are not allowed to operate at or near airports. And the size of the object, given the distance, is rather large.

  3. I have personally witnessed seeing a similar event but with more detail. Location Bergen County NJ. That’s as far as I can go right now over my reply. Something far greater than we ever imagined is changing are cities each day. Wish I had all the answers to my own questions regarding what I mentioned but as of now I do not. I have some ideas about organizations behind 99% of the unidentified aircrafts we may see in the sky’s. Everything in this world revolves around someone profitting. I can’t imagine how many UFOs are being tested in the sky’s each day. The truth is we are the aliens. What you may see is from technologies given to us 50 years ago. Kind of ironic how NASA space program ended any public program they had running only to focus on black budget projects. We landed on the moon but for some odd reason we closed down all are shuttle programs right after for a very long time. Now we jump right back into things again and next thing you know we have two rovers on Mars that we know about so far. I could only dream about how many colonies of scientist have been living on Mars for at least 10 years already. Or is everything we see staged for the public eye and one big joke. Everything we see on TV and hear about on Mars I am 50/50 on wether its all staged and fake like a great movie we all love Interstellar. With computer coding, programming engineers online behind all the Graphic work and much more most of us will never know what’s real and what’s fake. We are so advanced that when you open your front door in the morning heading to work NASA can stage as if you just stepped onto a tropical beach in Saint Barts not being able to understand how you just time traveled to Saint Barts the scenery would be so convincing well stepping out from your front door. Illusions are real and nothing is impossible. We are all looking for something better each day when its really right in front of our own eyes. Most will search forever not realizing or understanding. But that’s what makes us all unique in are own way. We are already in Space and some will never understand how.

    • Regarding this so cheap vido, it just represents a pixel-grounded error, because the very simple and steady artefact. You’ve just overseen that so simple error?

    • @BitUFO, I can’t go deeper into your lines because the space of writing, at least you wrote some interesting lines, like:
      “The truth is we are the aliens.”
      And HOW came you to this conclusion?
      We are Aliens, seen from which side?
      From OTHER and extraterrestrial views we may appear as ‘Aliens’. Sure, because in their view we ARE Aliens, because not living in their home-world.
      But to claim that WE are Aliens at all is wrong in its meaning.
      Every stellar living civilization, maybe living billions of lightyears from Sol 3 = Earth, would call ‘Earth-Humans’ as ‘Aliens’, same as we would call them.
      To say here that ‘We are the Aliens’ depends from the VIEW-Point from ANY point in universe. But this, I’m sure, will overstress your mind.
      So in general it is valid to say that there are NO any so called ‘Aliens’ at all.
      Because WE and many other life-forms originated from ‘Space’, from ‘Universe’, from ‘Cosmos’ – and yes – we are made from the real Star-Dust, unimportant the ‘place’ where it appeared first, we are here, same as countless other intelligent beings appeared in the deep cosmos, at another time, maybe billions of years earlier than we did.
      So my suggestion: Hold back your cheap ego-minded thinking, because the real intelligence you could meet just at the next corner.
      LIFE is possible even at the most unfriendly conditions, as we can even realise in the deep oceans on planet Earth.
      And we never would call it ‘alien’, because it evolved here on our planet.
      An important point here:
      NO any living being in our ‘Space-Time-Continuum’ is neither an ‘Alien’ nor a ‘Stranger’ – because from the very beginning of Time and Room – LIFE was been sowed all over the galaxy, and Earth-people could be more than happy to live at all.
      But nowadays they are so blinded, so ignorant, so weird ‘proud’ to be here, just to pray the money, to have forgotten over the times who they really are, instead to degenerate to silly and stupid ‘consumers’ = SLAVES.
      Even in HIGHER REALMS, it is so SAD to see all this.
      But THAT you have NOT realised in your cheap, blind and ignorant lines???
      You claim to be real, but deny the reality.
      YOU ARE an unaccepted SOUL, to name it here.
      WITH you there are countless and clueless and blinded souls, YOU are the perfect image presenting clueless sheep, to know nothing but telling a lot.
      Sometimes you should stop to chatter, just to shut up.
      To breathe, you did, but did not understand.
      To tell, you did, but do not know the content.
      The story – maybe yours – and NOW?
      Emptiness is yours – but NEVER CONTENT.

    • Part 2 – “Everything in this world revolves around someone profitting. ”
      A very sad point in humans history – until now – you tell it clearly.
      To loot everything which is existent on our planet, which can be lightened, fired, as our ancestors already did, later they realised that it was worth to get ‘something’ in return when ‘selling’ it – creation of the ‘money’.
      Nowadays it changed into wild, cold and idiotic ways.
      There are bets on how change the weather or any wilder speculations.
      Sheets of colored paper with a nominated ‘value’ do change the place, not to bet but to win as a result of EMPTY values of nothing.
      Idiots who call themselves as ‘inteligent’, by making ‘a lot of colored sheets of paper’ but to sell the world, judged to go down, to vanish one day. But that is so far away from the criminals and their so cheap and stupid thinking:
      MONEY instead of NATURE, MONEY instead of clean oceans, MONEY even for selling own daughters, WHAT A BIG SHAME!
      Easy living when go swimming into the ocean, surrounded by plastic and other thousand of ‘intelligent humans residues,
      sure it will arise of ‘easy living and fun’ for sure.
      Idiots all around us, ignoring everything, noting almost nothing, paying their ‘puppet boxes’ = handy, to agree to be enslaved – even by free will, to let it happen to be a paying complete IDIOT,
      thats the facts. No any lousy apology I will accept here.
      I speak from another position to you, no it makes no sense to tell you the position.
      It would end up in a comparison where I would tell you a special place, but you have not only no any idea, you even could not just imagine that place.
      And exactly that is your miss, because you have already forgotten the place you came from, and why, and what powers, gifts you have got with your birth.
      ALL forgotten, and now you have almost nothing to hold on.
      Cosmos, so near, so far, but was with you since your birth.
      It was the ultimate GIFT, given to you all.

  4. And two weeks later, after celebration of ‘Happy Christmas’ and the ‘Happy New Year’ you are the same idiots as before.
    And you will proof it: By writing new idiotic nonsense as you did in the year before and since all the years before.
    And even your shameful silence just right now shows your poor behaviour and ‘honesty’ – Congrats to your lousy wrong ‘proudness’ – grounded in global mis-understanding, mis-interpretation and endless self overestimation.
    With weak souls like YOU we won’t be able to save the Mother Earth, to survive the self destruction. Intelligence you ask?
    I have met beings with real intelligence, but you won’t ‘believe’ because your so restricted and manipulated minds.
    Looking back to your birth, and compare it with nowadays ‘reality’ – you really do not want to get the answer, I tell you.
    Maybe you think back to the days where the family was together in happiness, maybe you remind your childness…….
    Where there was ‘something’ which has gone, to never come back again.
    There were so many and happy moments, you see when looking back.
    Smiling faces, warmhearted persons all around you, you just felt happy.

    I do stop writing here, because everybody feels these so close feelings once again, at least when thinking back.
    People, if you are open to listen:
    HOLD all these treasures so strong in your hearts, I please you.

    There remains nothing in this cold world which will appreciate these so precious values.
    Values you have got with your own birth, even when you can’t remember because your so young age.
    Later you began to realise.
    Hold it CLOSE into your heart, I tell you here!!!
    I DO know beings from higher realms, they even told me their very hard instructions, so hard that you even won’t be able to just imagine.
    So NOW, I AM a very strong living being, likewise beings from ‘above’.
    I have worked hard and have ‘earned’ something which you in your so cheap life would NEVER be able to just realise.
    So that’s the truth I tell you once and never again.
    By the way: I’m busy to write a book, which will contain ALL the sightings, meetings with beings, you’ll never be able to imagine.
    But all is the truth, and it is totally unimportant what YOU may possibly ‘think’ because you have no real inside-view.
    So by finishing, I only can recommend to you to stay in truth, in love and in knowledge.
    Wish you the best, truly…….

  5. Why is this very rude person(loving Soul) allowed so much space on this site with so much verbal diarrhea? Dead from the neck up more like.

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