Something Massive Shows Up On Google Earth

The so-called enormous 300-foot object has gained attention over the internet after the discoverer, and popular YouTuber shared it online. A bizarre, mysterious object has been reportedly discovered on Google Earth in the middle of Antarctica.

The alleged large dark object seems to be different from anything else found nearby. The discoverer and YouTuber MrMBB333 pointed out in a video that the object could measure 277 feet across and around 260 feet high. MrMBB333 further speculated that the melting glaciers in the area might have made the strange object to appear.

One conspiracy theory believer commented on the video saying there’s something strange going on down there, and because of it, the world’s government has made Antarctica off-limits, and only very few individuals can go to certain parts for scientific research.

 Another one suggested the massive object was spotted on the unedited Google Earth application and would not be surprised if the object won’t be there anymore when Google updates Google Earth.

Others pointed out the snow being disturbed in front of the unusual object, leading some to speculate it could a crash landing or secret hanger.

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  1. Best guess; parts of a satellite. Probably commercial on a 20,000 mile loop. But it could be the other loop. 40,0000 mile ie military

  2. Discoveres like this depicted head wearing sun glasses, have a lot of time to use google earth and similar programs. Then they discover something strange there in the landscape, not knwoing that a lot of the google-photos are several years old.
    But they ignore the facts, to just ‘measure’ the strange part by using the scale inside google.
    MAN: If you have something to TELL, then move your ass from the sofa and travel to that AREA personally!
    And whatever photos you will take on your hard journey, you will be honored.!
    But here you have to STOP your lousy, cheap and anonymous claims, because you are an IDIOT, you’ve got it, cheapy?
    Because sitting with an fat ass on the sofa meanwhile clicking in the googles world, and then claiming to have ‘discovered’ something strange, which you have no any proof for nor moved your fat ass into that region of the world, you are just not more than a fat ass with no any intelligence nor with any knowldege.
    Just SHUT UP.
    The world is full of idiots like you – brainwashed and missing any logical thinking, even when it was a given gift to you at your birth. But that’s a long time ago – and you’ve simply forgotten the most important features………
    Hard words? Yes – for humans like you just the right words.
    Bye bye, dreamer of wrong dreams………

    • Damn Living_Soul, why don’t you tell us how you truly feel lol? I may be wrong in my assumption, but it sounds like you have a deep, personal interest or stake in such a “stupid, lousy” article from a “lazy, idiotic cheapy.”
      Btw, what do you mean when referring to them as “cheapy?” Oh, and logical thinking is unfortunately not a gift given at birth. It must be acquired through a life of education & self drive to better ones own intelligence ?

    • Living soul? Before you criticize people that you don’t know, learn how to write and spell. You are a very simple minded person, I mean whatever device you’re using should spell it for for you. Do I believe that there is something out there,no, not yet, but it kept you entertained for a minute didn’t it?
      Don’t tear people down,building them up is harder, and more interesting.

      • Living Soul is obviously mentally ill. I don’t know why he’s allowed on here spouting his venom. Why isn’t he blocked?

  3. It’s not photo-shopped. I found it as well about a month ago. Check it out for yourself. Go to Open another tab, and enter (copy into the search bar) to view a step by step pictorial method I created to find this for yourself. Have fun!

  4. Take note of the darker line showing through the snow along the “spine” of the object to the left. Kinda looks like there’s more to be uncovered. If you want, Google Earth has the ability to measure the object on screen and also indicate the objects height above sea level. Cheers!

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